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Post-Game Quotes

Feb. 9, 2013

Recap |  Box Score

Post-Game Quotes

Villanova 68, South Florida 40

February 9, 2013


Head Coach Jay Wright

Opening Statement:

“A good win for us. A BIG EAST win’s a good win. I just thought we were really consistent defensively, I just thought we did a really good job defensively. Great leadership by Mouph (Mouphtaou Yarou) and James Bell, our leaders, and I just like where we’re going. We’re getting better; taking care of the basketball I still think we can get a little bit better, shot selection can get a little bit better, but I like where we’re going.”

On the progression of the team:

“I think we’re learning, this is an inexperienced team that’s very coachable and every experience for them is an important one. Having a lead like this at the halftime and coming out in the second half and taking care of business is new. We’ve had some leads in the first half and didn’t come out and take care of business that was a good step for us. That’s why I said I like the direction where this team is going.”

On the team’s defensive performance:

“We’ve been pretty consistent defensively, but I really like this where we had a lead at the half and we knew we could score, it didn’t take away from our defensive commitment, that’s what I really liked. Even in the first half at DePaul we were making shots in the first half and I thought that we kind of relaxed defensively, so I was really pleased with that.”

Sophomore Darrun Hilliard

On his mindset before games:

“Every game my mindset is to just come in every game and do the little things. I try to rebound the ball as much as I could, get steals as much as I could and get as many deflections as I could. I don’t really come into the game looking to score or do anything spectacular, Coach is just teaching me how to play offensively and defensively and I’m just coming into games looking to play defense and help my team win and if I score I score, but if I don’t, as long as I’m playing Villanova basketball, I’m fine with that.”



On the importance of defense:

“We never overlook defense. We always take pride in our defense and we just had to figure out the right way to do it as a team and not as an individual, and I think we’re coming along with that and like Coach said, when you have somebody down, you just want to keep working on the little things…keep taking pride in Villanova basketball and keep doing those little things.”

On the difference in tonight’s victory:

“We were up big and we just didn’t quit. Some games we would be up in the first half and we would just let them come back, but for this game we kept grinding and kept getting stops and that led to the victory.”

Head Coach Jay Wright

On how the team has improved:

“I think our play as a unit has improved. I think we’re really communicating well defensively as a unit and that takes time. Last year these guys were freshmen and they were new and even our juniors last year weren’t that experienced and I think you’re starting to see a team that’s really comfortable playing together and playing off of each other and that’s what good teams do. And I think it’s a real tribute to Mouph’s leadership, but also to our two freshmen. Ryan Arcidiacono, did he score? He had three points. He plays with the mind of a senior and so does Daniel Ochefu. And they are able to fit in really quickly because they have basketball intelligence.”

On playing on the road in the BIG EAST:

“I think we said this after Syracuse, how you play on the road in this league really shows what you’re all about, so we’ve got to go in there to Cincinnati and we’ve gotta do it. I didn’t think we were bad at Notre Dame, but we weren’t good enough and we realized that we gotta get better. And we got to get better from today and what we do on the road will prove what kind of team we are. You’ve got to win on the road in this league and it’s tough, it’s really tough.  One at a time, Cincinnati right now, that’s going to be a tough one, but we’re feeling good and we like playing on the road. This group I think had played well on the road.”