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Post-Game Quotes

Feb. 8, 2006

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach Jay Wright
On the game
"These Big Five games, you just have to expect the unexpected. I try to think of things that can't happen, I didn't think that we could struggle that much to score in the first half and give up such easy baskets. Now I give St. Joe's a lot of credit they did a great job of moving (Chet) Stachitas around in the back of our press, that hurt us. We wanted to come out in the second half and play good solid defense and we did. Again, we had great leadership from Allan (Ray), Randy (Foye) and Kyle (Lowry) on the defensive end, it was incredible."

On Villanova's defense
"That second half, was just basic man to man, safe defense. I want us to learn from that. We've been pressing a lot and usually it helps us, but St. Joes' guards were very good at handling our pressure. Also, our half court defense was very good in the second half."

On Kyle Lowry
"We talked to him about being a leader all the time, on the court and off of the court. If you ask our freshmen, he is a great inspiration to them. Sitting on the bench and helping them, doing in on the court. I'm really proud of him. That's what college basketball is all about, that's what is fun about it."

On the Foye/Ray backcourt in the Big Five
"I'm going to let this season play out. Somebody asked me about mentioning their names with (Hal) Lear and (Guy) Rodgers, or Wali Jones and some of others. Just mentioning their names with them, to me, that's enough. We'll see when they finish, we always talk about that. At the end of the year if you look back, I'm happy they were even mentioned."

On the crowd
"That was your old school split the house. There are some many different things you have to do in Big Five games with tickets, it's a lot more complicated than anyone understands. That was an old fashioned split the house like we all remember. That was a great way for the fiftieth anniversary to be played. That was cool."



On Shane Clark
"It was great to get him involved like that. He's a guy that can play inside, he can play on the perimeter and it's a team sport, you can't just put a guy out there. What makes them so good is that they know how to play off of each other, they're a team. Throwing Shane in there, even though he knows what we're doing, they aren't used to playing with him yet. They are getting comfortable and he's getting comfortable. That's important for us."

Allan Ray
On the second half turnaround
"We started out aggressively on the defensive end. That was one of the main things we talked about in the locker room. To play more aggressively on defense and just try to go out there and force some more turnovers, and that's what we did."

On the Big Five
"It's a great rivalry, the fans are great. Like coach said, it was a split house. St. Joe's fans, Villanova fans all going after it. It almost feels like a high school atmosphere. Games like that in high school, you've got big rivalries in a city. For me being from New York, you had St. Raymonds against Rice it just feels like one of those great high school rivalries."

Kyle Lowry
"We just go out there and play for each other. We look at the other guys but we play for each other. We're not trying to scare them, we just go out and do what we do."

"It was fun. The Big Five in unique, it's different from anything else around the country. So it was fun to be out there and play in that kind of game."