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Villanova/Seton Hall Post Game Quotes

Feb. 7, 2014

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Head Coach Jay Wright...

Opening statement:
"That was a good grind-out win. I think Seton Hall is one of the best perimeter defensive teams in our league. They have, I think, the second-best 3-point defensive field goal percentage. I thought they did a really good job, especially in the first half, of taking away our 3s. The only answer you have if someone does that is if you have a forward that can make plays, and I thought Daniel [Ochefu] and JayVaughn [Pinkston] were just awesome. Not just in scoring, but in playing off each other, and also guarding their perimeter guys sometimes. It was just a big-time game for our two forwards."

On his 400th career win:
"It's very humbling, and I just feel very fortunate to coach at Villanova. Whoever coaches at Villanova is going to get a lot of wins."

On the team missing shots early on:
"Early in the year, I wasn't that confident because I didn't think our defense was good enough to keep us in when we weren't scoring. I think we're starting to get there. We have some work to do. We were missing a lot of shots and I thought our defense kept us in in the first half. You've got to give Seton Hall some credit - they've had a lot of good road wins because they come into your place and they take away your 3s. Most teams at home make 3s. We shot 5-for-21. They do a really good job, so our defense kept us in for a while. [Ochefu and Pinkston], I think, took over in the second half."

On Villanova's interior passing:
"I don't think since we've been here, we've had that type of interior passing. We've had some scoring, but [Ochefu and Pinkston] can score, and they can pass well. JayVaughn had a play on a break in the end, he got it in the middle like a guard and he passes it to Darrun. I don't know if he gets an assist for that because it was an intentional foul, but that was a big-time play for a big guy."

On Daniel Ochefu's passing:
"He's always been a great passer, but he hasn't scored. They wouldn't play him, so he couldn't make the passes. Now he's a scorer. The one pass he had late in the second half when he drove to the right side - any other player dunks that. He had a dunk. But he'd rather make the pass and he passed to [Pinkston], who gets the dunk. He loves to pass; he brought that to Villanova."

On guarding Fuquan Edwin:
"James Bell and Darrun Hilliard - those guys. And Dylan Ennis, too. That's why we couldn't press them as much. They were getting him in the press and he was getting the ball in the open floor. He's too good. We tried to keep fresh bodies on him, and between James Bell, Ennis and Hillard - and I think it wore out Darrun Hilliard a little bit. He didn't have the offensive game he normally has, but he played really well defensively."

On the team's upcoming three-game road stand:
"We'll take it one game at a time, but we know it's out there. The only way you can approach that is to get the first one. Whatever happens on the first one, you just learn from it and move on. Going at DePaul - it's just always been a tough place for us to play. We've had overtime games there, we've lost there. It's a tough place for us to play. That's the next challenge."

Sophomore Forward Daniel Ochefu...

On his numerous dunks:
"My teammates were just driving the ball and I was stepping up. We practice that every day. Stepping to the ball and dunking."

On his passing:
"I just like seeing my teammates score, making them happy really. I couldn't care less about myself."

On his and Pinkston's play:
"Before the game, Coach talked to us about how they were going to deny our guards and take away our 3s. He said JP and I would really have to work together and look to each other on the inside to guard. We just executed the game plan."

Junior Forward JayVaughn Pinkston...

On playing with Daniel Ochefu:
"It opens up scoring opportunities for me on the block. That's really it - getting me open opportunities to score, and getting my teammates some open shots."

Seton Hall head coach Kevin Willard...

On Villanova's inside presence:

"Daniel Ochefu is probably the most improved player in the league. JayVaughn Pinkston has been that way for the last two years. He's been really tough and I think that's what has taken this team a little over the edge, the fact that you don't have an out. You can't zone off anybody, you can't cheat off somebody because if you do they are going to burn you."

On what happened towards the end of the first half and beginning of the second:

"We had a couple of bad shots that led to bad defense. Bad offense led to bad defense and they capitalized on it. We did a pretty good job on James Bell and we really didn't want him to get off early. We lost him once and again on transition and that was really the difference; when he busted those two threes they went on a nice run. I thought we still did a decent job, we just missed a couple of easy shots at the start of the half that deflated us a little bit."

On Villanova's pressure:

"I think we were just a little loose on the ball at times. And again they do a good job; especially at home in this building they really turn up the heat. The students were great and I think it's a different atmosphere here than anywhere else."

On Villanova's home court advantage stacking up in the BIG EAST:

"I think this is one of the best. Especially, on campus it's a great student section, its right there, loud and a little bit of a bandbox. I think Xavier is up there and I haven't been to Creighton yet. It's a great atmosphere that's very loud and I wouldn't want to play anywhere else if I was them."

On Fuquan Edwin cooling down:

"He got off to a great start, which got us off going. I thought they did a good job of shading to him and getting after him. They switched out on screens against him, denied him a bit. Fuquan has been playing great but they did a good job on him."