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Post-Game Quotes

Feb. 3, 2013

Recap |  Box Score

Post-Game Quotes

Villanova52, Providence 55

February 3, 2013

Head Coach Jay Wright

Opening Statement:

 "That was a tough game in that I thought there periods when we were playing really well and doing the things we wanted to do. And really the second game, where we went through a stretch in the second half and it was the same as the Notre Dame game where I thought we were doing good things and then we went through a stretch where we didn't execute offensively and gave up some three's at the other end and it turned out to be the difference in the game. It was almost the same as Notre Dame in that sense. We're not good enough to do that; to have a three minute period where we don't execute and we lose three-point shooters and still recover from it and it's just a matter of us getting better as a team. It's a lot of little things and it's a team that's growing, and I know it doesn't look good, but we're going to keep learning and keep getting better, and we'll see where we are in the end of this."

On Villanova's two wins last week and two loses this week:

"I think the way you guys have to look at it, and you have to, because you guys look at it `did you win or did you lose,' when you look at this from the outside, you have to say `hey maybe there's two teams maybe you shouldn't' have beaten and there's two teams that you had a chance to beat and you didn't, what's going on.'  There's so many little things that go into it that I definitely don't want our guys to panic and I didn't want them to get too high after those wins and I definitely don't want them to get too low after these two. I want them to just keep getting better and I think they will."

On the difference between winning and losing is in games like these:

They don't hit the shot at the end and we get the ball back and win and sit here and we're all still happy, but we still have that period in the second half where we kind of gave the game away. And it is just something we gotta get better at. You just can't have that many possessions and in this league that difference is going to cost you games, it really is. The good teams are either so talented they can make up for that, or they're so disciplined that they don't have those... we're not talented enough to make up for it and we're not disciplined enough yet to not have those stretches. We gotta keep working and getting better."




On Providence's offense:

"It's a more a function of the style of play of the team we're playing. Notre Dame had a lot of three-point shooters so they stretched us out as soon as they made us play two guys they found and open guy and this team played the same way. I thought we did a decent job on their other guys, decent. You know Fortune (Josh Fortune) goes 5-for-6; when you let a guy at this level get it going like that, it's tough to stop him. And in those other two games, we didn't do that, we didn't let those guys get it going and we hit a couple three's. The difference in us winning or losing those last two games is not great, those numbers are correct, but that's really a function of a game. You take two of those three's away that he made on that stretch, take two possessions that we take a bad shot or don't make the extra pass and it's a different game. So that's how we have to look at it. And we gotta keep getting better, but the results are the results."

On the experience of the team:

"You can't let it be frustrating because experience tells you... you got a freshman point guard (Ryan Arcidiacono) out there that sometimes does it and sometimes he's a freshman. You got a sophomore guard here (Darrun Hilliard) who is a hell of a player and we really only have one senior (Mouphtaou Yarou) that's out there. It's such a fine line, so I don't want these guys to get frustrated, I don't. I feel completely confident, we're going to practice tomorrow morning because we have to leave for Chicago and if we can get better, then we can win at DePaul, but it's a possession or two and we can lose; and that's just what we are right now.  And I'm not frustrated, I know it looks bad, but I'm not frustrated, I'm really not."

On Providence's offensive strength:

"I think their guards. They've got four perimeter people that can really get into our perimeter people and take us out of our offense and then they force you to make basketball plays.  And that's what I said, we were doing a decent job, we had a three-minute period there. When I say basketball play, when we drive the ball, instead of taking a rushed shot, you make a pass to your teammate, and extra pass and you break them down, but we had a three-minute period where we didn't do it. It's tough to guard those four, we're a bigger team and they've got four quick guys on the perimeter and we're chasing them around and it's just going to be a tough matchup for us."

On Bryce Cotton's game-winning shot:

"That's another thing experience-wise. I'm thinking, I don't want Cotton (Bryce Cotton) getting off a three, but I gotta hope my guys are thinking that. And when you're a player it's hard because he's so good off the dribble and so is Council (Vincent Council) and it's one of those things as a Coach, but what I was most upset about is that we didn't g et the rebound, it's what you can control. We had a great defensive stop, but then you gotta get the rebound. It's one of those little things."