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Post-Game Quotes

Jan. 26, 2013

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Post-Game Quotes

Villanova 75 Syracuse 71

January 26, 2013

Syracuse Head Coach Jim Boeheim

Opening Statement:

“Unbelievable effort by both teams. Tremendous effort. I thought that we couldn’t get going offensively for a long time, we hung in there and battled, but then we had it a little rough to get some offense going… In the second half, we got some spacing and missed a couple free throws down the stretch and we had one real bad turnover and that happens… We missed a lot more layups than we have all year tonight… I thought they played really well against us at Syracuse, we just got our offense going (that game) and tonight, we shot 33%... You can’t miss those shots.”

Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright

Opening Statement:

“What a week for us… And you guys can see, we played really well and you can just see why Syracuse is a team that can win a national championship because they just don’t go away, they keep coming and coming. They made so many adjustments; it’s why Jim Boeheim is a hall of fame coach. We had so many things we were stopping and they would come out and do something else and then we couldn’t stop Triche (Brandon Triche) and we couldn’t stop Fair (C.J. Fair) and we couldn’t stop Carter-Williams (Michael Carter-Williams) and they just played a great game and on the road. We hit the threes in overtime. Mouphtaou Yarou getting that offensive rebound and that three at the end were the difference.”

Why Coach Wright thinks Louisville and Syracuse have the chance to be contenders for the national championship:

“I don’t think we have done it as consistently as them. You know when we lose a game, it’s pretty ugly. You can see, when these guys lose games, they’re on the road against a team that’s having their best game, and they still have a chance to win it; we gotta get to that consistency level, but this is how you start and you beat teams like this and you gotta go on the road and go at Notre Dame and you gotta play the same level of efficiency. We haven’t proven that yet, but we’re starting.”

On Villanova’s defense at the end of regulation:

“Earlier in the half we extended our defense a little bit just within half court and that’s when Carter-Williams just started ripping us down the lane. We were so concerned with him and if you open the floor up, we like to press a lot, as you know, you just can’t, and he’s so good with the ball that you just can’t open up the floor up on him. If we would have got down a little more, we would have had to press and you have to do it, but you know against them and him, it’s difficult.”

 On what Coach Wright told the players during timeout:

“What we talked about was we’re getting decent shots, but we’re not making them. The only way we’re going to win this game is if we get stops. There was a long period when we were both trading baskets and then we went cold a little bit.  Then we really came up with some real great consecutive stops.  I think the next play was a steal where Darrun Hilliard got a goaltending call, which really helped us a lot. Our defense sparked us there and we had some big time stops again in overtime.”

On what beating two top-five teams in one week means for Villanova:

“It’s starting to create a level of consistency for us, a high level of consistency. Which to be a good team in this league you have to have. You’re still going to lose games, you know I thought Louisville played really well and they come in here and lose a game, I thought Syracuse played extremely well and they lose a game. In this league, you’re going to play at a high level of consistency, and you’re still going to lose a game, but if you’re not playing at a high level of consistency, you’re going to lose a lot of games. And this is what we’re starting to get to. This doesn’t mean we’re going run off every game. This just means we have a good chance to be a good team in this league.”

On James Bell’s performance this afternoon despite nine missed shots in a row:

“I am amazed at his countenance. He does this all the time. You think ‘why don’t you come out in the beginning of the game and do that?.’ He did this is in the St. Joe game, he did this in the Perdue game, he did this in another game he hit a big shot. He has amazing guts this kid. He really takes responsibility for our team, he really does. He is a leader off the court, the guy that talks to everybody, that I talk to with Mouphtaou he’s an amazing young man. That’s how you win big-time games when you have guys like that.”

On Darrun Hilliard’s performance:

“Unbelievable performance…25 points, 6 assists. I thought he was the key to us attacking the zone, the difference this time… He got inside the zone and made plays. He had an amazing game; he also had a great defensive game.”


On what has worked for Villanova this season:

“Just playing together. These guys have never played together before…everybody learning what we do together…it takes time to build a team, and that’s what we’re doing, building a team. And these guys are accumulating experiences that they share. That’s why these two games are so huge.  We can talk to them about our ’09 team our ’11 team our ’06 team, they weren’t there, they had nothing to do with it. They respect it, but it almost puts more pressure on them. That’s something that they can have as a group of guys (beating two top-five ranked teams in one week).”

On winning the next game at Notre Dame:

“It’s not about winning, it’s about how we play. We’ve put together two great efforts even if we lost this game, and we definitely could have lost this game, it was still a great effort. There are other things we have to improve upon and we would have taken that going into Notre Dame the same way, but we gotta go out to Notre Dame and go on the road and we have to play this same time of efficiency, this same type of intelligence, consistency. That’s the key. As long as we keep getting better, good things will happen.”

Freshman guard Ryan Arcidiacono

On his three-point shot that sent Villanova into overtime:

“I think Taj (James Bell) or Darrun (Darrun Hilliard) put up a shot and I just tried to space out and hopefully Mouph (Mouphtaou Yarou) or Daniel (Daniel Ochefu) whoever was in at the end of the game could get a rebound and kick it out to me and Mouph was a beast and he got the rebound…he just turned it and saw me in the corner and I did a little shot fake and put it up and luckily it went in.”

On what today’s win means for the team:

“Just means we’re getting better every day. I just think we’re playing the way Coach Wright wants us to play and I think we’re having fun… we’ve been killing each other in practice and we’re just trying to bring that to the game.”

Sophomore guard Darrun Hilliard

On what today’s win means for the team:

“Just that we’re getting better every day.  In the beginning of the season we were an inexperienced team, but we just kept working hard and having faith in the coaches and  the staff and just getting better every day.”

On if he ever lost confidence in himself this season:

“Not at all. Coach Wright and the players and the coaching staff have all the confidence in me… There were a couple things I had to work on with my turnovers and my shots falling, but as long as I was playing team defense and playing hard, then it was fine to me. I was just worried about my defense and if my offense came, it came.”