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Postgame Quotes

Jan. 26, 2005

Recap |  Final Stats

Head Coach Jay Wright:

On the game:
"We had a good effort tonight, and we played against a very good and smart team. We have guys who have learned how to play at this level. We always had talented players, but now they understand how to take care of the ball, make good decisions and play in the Big East. You can see the confidence that they have out on the court."

On the players:
"Our kids are incredible. I really respect them as young men for what they have handled and how they do it. Our starters played so many minutes tonight, and I thought Allan Ray had his best defensive game of the year. As a former athlete, I really respect that type of effort."

On Will Sheridan having 12 rebounds:
"He is undersized and supposedly it wouldn't be him playing the other team's center, but he's such a tough player. He does whatever it takes. We talk about guys that are hurt all the time, but Will shows up every night and gets the job done. I am very impressed with how quickly he has come along, but I'm not surprised."

On the team's mindset coming into the game without Kyle Lowry and Jason Fraser:
"We were just trying to survive this one and then get Kyle [Lowry] back and get Curtis [Sumpter] healthy and then maybe get Jason [Fraser] back next week. We tried to steal a win, and then it ends up being a game where you can prove yourself. To play two games here back-to-back and come away with two wins is important for us. We showed the type of consistency you need to be a good team."

On the team:
"I'm feeling good about these guys. I'm glad they got some rewards for their effort. I told them that the reward doesn't always have to come with a win. I want them to be proud of their effort because that is all you can be responsible for, but it's nice when you can get that reward with some wins."