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Villanova/St. John's Post-Game Quotes

Jan. 23, 2010

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Villanova head coach Jay Wright...

On today's game: St. John's played well. They hit some shots. They were very well prepared for our press. Early, the start of the game, they sliced us. We had to make some adjustments but they are very well prepared. They are a good team. It was a good win. We are happy with this.

On Scottie Reynolds: In the Rutgers game, he had nine points. We all know, that is a game when you are up 25, a lot of guys say `I have to get my average in.' He didn't shoot the ball, he had dives and he just sets the tone for the whole team on how we want to play. We want to play for each other and he does it every night. It is hard to do when you are the best player and he is maybe one of the best we have ever had at that.

On playing in Madison Square Garden: No matter what you say about coming back to Madison Square Garden, when you have New York kids, you are worried about them. Also, everybody else is excited too. We were talking on the staff, we have six first year guys, doesn't matter if you are from New York or not, they are excited. I think that happened in the first half. I think they got comfortable in the second and I think they started to play basketball.

On the junior class: Right now I would probably give them a B. I am really proud of them (Corey Fisher, Corey Stokes and Antonio Pena). I just think they are great. Those three are great players. They will have big games and they are happy (but) in my mind I think they are so much better than that. He (Corey Fisher) is the greatest example. I was saying to myself, he is so much better than that. And the leadership...Antonio Pena's leadership and Stokes' leadership was awesome today.

Senior guard Scottie Reynolds...

On Corey Fisher: I know Fish and he is just a funny guy and I know what he is thinking in his head. He has grown up tremendously from his freshmen year to where he is now. I am like a coach, he can be so much better and it is my job to get him to that get him to where I am now. Next year, when he starts leading this team, he can be a killer. He can be consistent and lead this team to a great season.

On forcing the tempo: I want to do that sometimes. I think everybody wants to do it especially when things are not going your way. I think that is a great thing about this team, (we do) not get outside of ourselves, (we) keep playing the way we know how to play, and keep doing what we know how to do. Nothing changes because we are at the Garden. We have to continue to do keep doing the same things we have been doing (that) makes us successful.

Junior guard Corey Fisher...

On playing in New York: That is a good thing. You come in freshman year, you are young out of high school, and you are worried about so many things and you are not focused on the basketball game. As I got older, I am a junior now, you just have to stay focused. It is us versus St. John's. The offseason when I go home, people tell me I had a good game (here), it is a good feeling but knowing I got it with my Villanova family, getting a win, going back to school is even better.

On today's game: Every win in the Big East is a good win. St. John's is a good team. They came out today, played a tough game and we came out today with a big win.

St. John's Head Coach Norm Roberts...

On today's game: Give Villanova a lot of credit. They have a terrific team. They made tough shots, made tough plays. We had some opportunities and we just didn't convert. I thought our energy level was good, I thought we tried hard and I thought we got better and we are going to get better as we come along.

On the timeout late in the second half: What I said to them was let's just think execution and let's think defense. Let's execute offensively, don't worry about the next play and let's guard defensively. There were a lot of `50-50' balls we didn't get. We need to get them. I just felt we weren't executing the way we needed to both offensively and defensively.

On overcoming scoring droughts: You just have to fight through it. We missed a couple of shots, they made a couple of shots. The other thing is that we are playing against a very good basketball team. You play good defense, Scottie Reynolds dribbles down and shoots a fade away 15-footer and makes it. We had a lay-up under the basket and it spins in and out. It happens. That is the way basketball goes. We executed, we played hard. We did turn it over at some bad times but you are going to do that. We turned them over too. They are a good basketball team, we turned them over 19 times. We are doing the right things, we just have to finish plays.

On Scottie Reynolds: He is a terrific player. He is tough. He thinks every shot is going in. He wants the ball in his hands. He plays at a great speed. He is a terrific player. He is definitely in that category (as Big East player of the year) there is no doubt about it.

D.J. Kennedy...

On Villanova: That is a great defensive team. There were a lot of shots we normally make but we just didn't shoot too well from the field.

Malik Boothe...

On shooting woes in the second half: We didn't sense it coming, I just think it happened. They started hitting their shots and we started missing shots. They started beating us to the loose balls, the `50-50' balls. For us to win games, we can't let that happen.

On the offensive effort: I don't think it was difficult to get the offensive started but they were pressuring so I think we were just attacking, not really worried about the offense. We were just attacking after we broke their pressure.

On Scottie Reynolds: I think he is putting himself in that category (Big East Player of the Year) by the way he is playing in night in and night out. He is a big shot taker and a big shot maker. He doesn't worry about missing, he focuses on his next shot.

On a complete game effort: It is not that we played bad in the second half. We had the same amount of energy in the second half, we just had little one low and that is where they took advantage.