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Post-Game Quotes

Jan. 22, 2013

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Post-Game Quotes

Villanova 73 Louisville 64

January 22, 2013

Head Coach Jay Wright

Opening Statement:

"Great win for us. We have such great respect for Louisville, so we know how good they are. I think that team could still win a national championship, and that's why that win means so much to us and I just think that's a great team."

On the importance of the win tonight against Louisville:

"You know this coaching. And you know you gotta keep telling kids the right things and good things are going to happen to them. Sometimes when it doesn't happen for them, it's tough. But these guys never wavered, ever. No matter how many mistakes we made, they kept doing what we do and I'm so glad for them it broke through tonight and they had some success. When they feel success, I think it gives them confidence in themselves and in what we do."

On what he told the team prior to the game tonight:

"The same things. We showed them film from Providence and we showed them from where they are trying to do the right things, but they just haven't played together enough. There was a specific play where Tony Chennault threw the ball into the post to Pinkston (JayVaughn Pinkston) and Pinkston threw it back to him and Tony went to throw it back to Pinkston and Pinkston didn't know it. It was the right thing to do, they just hadn't been playing together and these guys have been continuing to do that and that's all we told them, just keep doing the right things."

On playing at the Wells Fargo Center:

"When you play at Villanova, you get to play here. And this place is magic. There are so many great events here and the crowd is great and you play big time teams here and it's the great thing about playing in this league. No matter what you do the game before; you always get a chance to do something great the next game because you're playing outstanding teams."

On the importance of the win tonight for the freshmen on the team:

"This is one of the things that freshman have to have some success to break through. Ryan especially, I'm so proud of how he's handled everything, more the disappointments and the mistakes. He stayed strong and we knew he was going to break through and Daniel Ochefu has been continuously doing that and it's just great for them to get some rewards for their work."

Freshman guard Ryan Arcidiacono

On the team coming together in the win against Louisville:

"What Coach has been saying, we haven't been playing together and we're just getting used to it now. I tell you the other day, it was kind of like, `hopefully if it's not this year, if not this hopefully next year, but I'm focusing on Louisville and I think our team is focusing on Louisville.' And I just thought we broke through it tonight. We knew where each other were tonight at certain times during the game and we played together for a whole 40 minutes. There was a little stretch in the second half where they came back on a little four or five point lead and I think that's where we got closer as a team and we just kept grinding them and we got the lead back and just kept playing like a team."

On the improvement the team has made this season:

"It's definitely just a big improvement. For me, I just felt like our defense has improved over the past couple of games like Coach has said and we just have to finish out possessions and I felt tonight we finished them out. I thought we played good defense, got good stops and got to the foul line in the second half. We just tried to play Villanova basketball until the end, honestly."

Head Coach Jay Wright

On the keeping the lead through the second half after leading at halftime:

"We've had lead at halftime everybody's seen it. We just have to go through it, it's a process."