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Post-Game Quotes: Seton Hall 1.18.12

Jan. 19, 2012

Recap |  Box Score


Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright

Opening Statement
"That was great for us. Seton Hall is a very, very good team. Theodore [Jordan] and Pope [Herb] are big time Big East players. We kept telling our guys these two are never going to quit. I thought Maalik [Wayns] just did an amazing job on Theodore. Maalik always carries us in scoring and assists. He guarded him the entire game. We just have great respect for Theodore. Mouph [Mouphtaou Yarou] only had two points, but he guarded Pope all night. That was a battle of two big timers and I was really proud of him."

Q: How good was it to finally see someone else score other then Maalik?

"Very nice. If you told me Mouphtaou was only going to get two points, I wouldn't think we would have scored enough to beat them because they can score. I thought we played really good defense tonight. That is something that we have really been working on. Good defense is harder to play than good offense because you have to do it together. Everyone did it together tonight and that was big time."

Q: Do you think this team is starting to make strides? Does there seem to be more effort?

"I think you said the key word. That is what we are looking for, effort. We have a legendary coach at practice all the time, Hall of Famer Coach Brown, but he is around so much he is like us. We had a guy from the outside come in and watch practice the other day. That was the first time at practice I didn't see people really going after each other. They are still learning a lot of things and it is hard to play with complete intensity when you are thinking. That is part of what is going on. We are trying to simplify what we are doing. I thought we gave great effort at Cincinnati and we had a really good effort again tonight. That can cover for a lot of things."

Q: How were you able to make them look uncomfortable out there?



"I really think Maalik did an amazing job. We took him out once in the first half for not executing defensively. We called a timeout in the second half because he was exhausted, but we didn't want to put anyone else out on Theodore. We could just see he was dying, but I just think he gutted it out. It was an incredible defensive performance. Theodore can score, but he can also give everyone shots. If you have to go help on him then you are in trouble. He had eight assists and the kid is a hell of a player. He played like a beast tonight. "

Villanova Guard Maalik Wayns

Q: Are you happy that you played good offense or good defense?

"Defense. Since I was a freshman, like JayVaughn [Pinkston], defense. Every day I just try to make strides and become one of the best defenders in the country and one of the best defenders to lockdown an opposing guard to whoever it is. If it is a 5, 4, 3 or 2, I just try to do anything for my team."

Q: What was the key?

"It wasn't just me. I got great teammates and great people to help me. Mouph and Markus [Kennedy] did great job on ball screens and made them take tough shots."

Q: What does this mean for you guys to beat them tonight?

"We have seen it coming. We have been getting better and better every day in practice. We have had a lot of improvements in the Cincinnati game. We just came to practice and kept a positive attitude. We have the same mindset we had in the beginning of the year. We are just going to keep coming and try to get better every day. We are trying to be the best team we can be by the end of the year."

Villanova Forward JayVaughn Pinkston

Q: You got pushed down a couple of times tonight.

"I was kind of upset, but I huddled up with my teammates and went to the line and knocked down free throws."

Q: What is your personal philosophy?

"Just to keep working on it and to keep getting after it. Keep working hard and getting better."

Seton Hall Head Coach Kevin Willard

Q: {On the Offense}

"I thought we had a lot of good looks. We took some bad ones early, but I thought we had a lot of good looks. It was probably ten too many, but I felt we had about 28 good looks out of 36. You got to take them if you are open."

Q: Why did Herb not have many touches tonight down low? Was it a combination of their defense?

"It was something we had talked about. We were trying to get him down low and get him in there. I think it was a combination of Herb floating a little too much on the perimeter and guys just not understanding that we got to throw the ball inside. That is something we will correct over the next couple of days."