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Villanova/DePaul Post-Game Quotes

Jan. 18, 2014

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Villanova head coach Jay Wright...

Opening statement: "Good game for us. I think we beat a good team today. We were able to watch them on film their last two games, including Tuesday night against St. John's. I think this is a really good team and I think we played well. Not pretty but well. I thought we played pretty well defensively and we rebounded the ball well against this team which is important."

On Daniel Ochefu's play: "So proud of him. He works hard on his offensive skills, takes pride in his passing and defense. It takes time for a forward to develop offensively, but he's been carrying us defensively and on the glass. I thought the block shot he had trailing was the dagger because they were making a little run. We were caught and they had numbers and he chased them down from behind which was a huge play. And being able to go to him when JayVaughn (Pinkston) was out that was big too."

On what Daniel Ochefu brings to the team: "It really helps us defensively because we are able to play him and JayVaughn together a lot since they are both scoring. If we have both of them we are better defensively but sometimes we can only have one of those guys in because we need help offensively. But now playing those two together, we are great defensively and were just as good offensively."

On the timeout early in the game: "We just made a little adjustment in our press and we've worked on it all week and the first two plays we didn't execute (the adjustment). Obviously, it didn't stick so that's not all their fault since we changed something. I just had to remind them immediately that we just worked on this and changed this so let's get back to it."

On the short turnaround: "I think the players like that a lot better and are much more comfortable. The coaches like to have a little more time to prepare but in the end it's really what's best for the players because they get it done. This is normal in the old BIG EAST, Saturday and Monday is a normal thing so it's all good, it's not a concern."

On Creighton: "There one of those teams that when you watch film you get caught up enjoying watching them play as opposed to how you are going to beat them. They are so enjoyable to watch. Last Sunday, when they played Xavier, I was out recruiting and I asked the guys did you see the game and they said yes. I asked how do you think Creighton beat Xavier and they just said Dougie McBuckets. They all really respect him and it made me feel good that our players respect him because I think he is a consonant all around basketball player and I like that our guys like him because it tells me about their intelligence and their basketball IQ."

Sophomore forward Daniel Ochefu...

On his comfort level: "I'm really comfortable because my coaches and teammates do a great job in showing confidence of me. I just respond to them having confidence in me."

On playing without foul trouble: "It's really good being on the court for my teammates. I know I'm a big defensive presence and that's the first thing we work on in practice every day. So just being able to be out there defensively for my team first and foremost is great."

Freshman guard Josh Hart...

On the confidence his teammates show him: "It was great personally for me knowing my teammates have great confidence in me. For me I just have to respond to that and even if I make a mistake, just knowing that they still have the same exact confidence allows me to move on to the next play."

On the ability to pass so well:"My high school coach had me run a little bit of point guard. And when I came here there were so many good shooters so I was just passing the rock all day in practice." On the second half technical foul:"That's part of basketball, it gets chippy at times. I know him; he played on my AAU team and that just happens in physical basketball and it's just how you respond."

DePaul Head Coach Oliver Purnell...

On Villanova: "They're a good team. They kept sharing the ball. We were doubling [JayVaughn] Pinkston in the first half and it took him out of the game. They figured it out and their shooters were ready. The thing that really bothered us was our inability to make offensive plays. I thought we had some initial stops but we didn't stop it. ... As the game went on, Villanova seemed more energetic, running down dead balls and that kind of thing. When you give that team extra shots, it can be kind of a problem."

On Villanova's bench: "They are deep. This is a good team. I told Jay [Wright] before the game, I like their team. It's a good team - they are deep. It seems like they have guys who don't really worry about playing 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there, and they're ready. Obviously some guys came in and gave them some energy, but I thought we did a decent job on their two best scorers."

On Daniel Ochefu"We didn't do a good job on him. We gave him some angles to dunk, and you just can't do that. You have to make him score over top. We finally did have to double him in the second half. He did a nice job, and we didn't do a good job on him."