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Post-Game Quotes

Jan. 16, 2013

Recap |  Box Score

Post-Game Quotes

Pittsburgh 58 Villanova 43

January 16, 2013

Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright

Opening Statement:

"First off, I have to congratulate Pitt on such a great defensive effort. I thought they were outstanding, we just couldn't break through. We couldn't go inside out on them; their ball-screen defense was outstanding. We couldn't score. We just couldn't score. The way they defended they stayed behind our bigs with their size and it made it difficult for us when we missed shots to get offensive rebounds; they really dominated us on the glass."

On Pitt's defense:

"I really think you got to give them credit, great game plan. They stayed behind our forwards in the post and they let us put the ball inside. And when you stay behind them, then you always have rebounding position if you miss and we couldn't get any inside out going. They blitzed our forwards and we were trying to score through blitzes and we just didn't do a good job of handling their defense. We have to get some better inside outaction. We did get a little bit, but then we missed our shots. They picked the right people to lay off of and we didn't make shots. But I hate to say `you just don't make shots,' it means the other team is playing pretty good defense."

On Pitt's depth off the bench:

"I think (Pitt guard) Durand Johnson got his first three on a block shot that got out to him, the second was a baseline out of bounds that we didn't defend properly. We made a mistake and they took advantage of it, and it got him going. I think it speaks of their depth. We have had some good bench scoring in a couple of games and we didn't have it tonight. I think those guys hit some big shots for them and they kind of loosened it up because they were struggling to score too. Those guys hit some big shots."

On Darrun Hilliard's second-half performance:



"I think a combination in the second half they did a good job, he got into some foul trouble, then he hurt his thumb and he was out for a little while. I wouldn't have had him out if he didn't hurt his thumb there, we needed his perimeter scoring. "


Villanova forward JayVaughn Pinkston

On Pitt's defense:

"I was getting to spots on the floor that I wanted to get. But again, they were playing behind us in the post and I couldn't see over them really."

Villanova guard Darrun Hilliard

On his second half injury to his thumb:

"I just jammed it. My right hand."

On Pitt's defense:

"They were tough defensively. I got my shots in the first half and I still feel like we just didn't do what we usually do on offense, like offensive rebounds and getting our second chance points we needed to. Like Coach Wright said, I just give Pitt some credit, their defense was really good. We just have to keep getting better."

Jay Wright

On if he will miss BIG EAST rivalries, such as Pitt vs. Villanova:

"People were asking me before the BIG EAST season started, and I really wasn't thinking about it. But now that we play every game, I do. I love these games; they are always tough physical games. I actually went through my mind at halftime, its 23-22, I'm just thinking to myself `typical Pitt-Villanova' you know a grinding game and I love it. They always challenge your toughness and we got one more against them, but I will miss these games. In the beginning I said, you know every game is just another game, but every time we play one of these BIG EAST games that we're not going to play anymore, I do think about it."