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Villanova/Providence Post-Game Quotes

Jan. 5, 2014

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Head Coach Jay Wright
Opening statement:
"I think our start, jumping on Providence like we did, had a big impact because they've lost a lot of guys - they don't have a lot of depth. When you get a lead like that, it's tough for them to play from behind. It kind of all fell into place for us. I guarantee it won't be like that when we go at Providence, I promise you, so we'll take it. I think the key was jumping on them and getting out early. We do have good depth, and it's tough for them to play from behind. Dylan [Ennis] played great off the bench, and Darrun [Hilliard] is just such a consistent Villanova basketball player, whether it's defense, rebounding, being aggressive, attacking the rim, hitting 3s - he just brings it every night. He's at the top of our press and he does us proud."

On the team's press:
"When it worked early and we got a big lead, the rest kind of played into our hands. They're bigger and they want to get into the half court, but when they're down, they've got to play faster. So that start made a big difference in the game."

On Dylan Ennis:
"Last year, he had to run the other teams' stuff every day. If we made a mistake, it was probably not having him run our stuff. Then when he came back, he breaks his hand so he's out for five or six weeks. There's still little things he's learning. He's going to be a lot better, trust me. This guy's going to be a really good player. In that tight game [against Butler] we just felt we might need him, but it turns out we didn't. We just want to get him out there as much as possible and he'll be a great player.

On the team's shooting percentage:
"Against Syracuse, they were not falling. We had a lot of good shots we didn't make. When you shoot a lot of 3s, you're going to have some nights where you look really good, you're going to have some nights where you look really bad. On those nights you looks really bad, you've got to find other ways. We didn't shoot the ball great against Butler, and JayVaughn [Pinkston] was really effective inside. Darrun was driving the ball well, but we really didn't shoot the ball great. When we shoot the ball well, it looks great."

On the team being ranked and undefeated in conference play:
"We try not to think about those things; try not to talk about those things. Tomorrow we'll learn from this game and then we'll talk about Seton Hall. ... We're supposed to get better. If everyone is looking at us as the target, they're going to get better chasing us. We need to get better every day."

On the team's depth:
"What's pleasant is it's not a dilemma. Sometimes it is. Dylan played five minutes against Butler and he's fine. He knows his spot in our program, he knows there's great promise and expectations for him and he's going through a process. He's fine with it. If he wasn't, it would be a dilemma. Tony Chennault comes in and gives us great minutes against Butler, just little things they were doing in the second half, I didn't think we needed him as much. Today, he came in that first half - we were playing OK - and he gave us a great spark. He'll take whatever minutes you give him as a senior. That could be a dilemma, but it's not. That's why it's pleasant to have this kind of depth and the character of these guys."

Sophomore Guard Dylan Ennis
On playing multiple positions:
"Our coaches tell us we've got to be ready, no matter what game we're playing, no matter what the score or where we're at. I'm just trying to be ready for my team, and I think all our players are doing that."

Junior Guard Darrun Hilliard
On the team's shooting:
"Obviously it's good for us when the shots are falling, but we don't really pride ourselves on making shots. It's all about defense and rebounding. That's what we come into games thinking about, that's what we pride ourselves on. When shots are falling, it's easier for us, but we pride ourselves on getting stops and rebounding."

Providence Head Coach Ed Cooley
Opening statement: "I thought Villanova played really well. I thought we played really bad. Obviously, our worse game we've played probably in three years I've been here. We just didn't play well and they played exceptionally well so credit Villanova for what they did, they executed a great game plan. We look like we were in mud the whole game from start to finish, from tip-ball right to the final layup that they made. So credit them they played well, he's got a good basketball team. Obviously we're still trying to figure out what we're going to be. We were just not very good today."

On seeing this performance coming:
"You never do. No I thought we practiced well. I thought we looked a little tired today, looked sluggish and credit Villanova they had a lot to do with that. I felt like we were on our heels right from the opening tip. For us to use two or three timeouts in the first eight minutes of the game, that's uncharacteristic of us."

On Villanova's press:
"The level we play you're going to see presses every night. We just didn't play well. I don't think there press did anything, it was a 1-2-2 and you put your arms up and say boo. I don't think it was there press. What'd they have 14 threes and shot 59 percent? It was our defense. It was our lack of energy. It was an awful game."

On Villanova's ability to shoot 3s:
"We talked about how they shoot the ball. We talked about how they shoot high volume threes. They had a good game today. It's not so much what we didn't do but what they did and they played really well. They shot the ball really well and we didn't. "They can beat anybody in the country if there making shots like that. If your making shots like that they could beat the Harlem Globe Trotters."

On the challenge heading into Wednesday:
"Just put a sign up that says Georgetown BIG EAST. If that's not a challenge enough for you playing at home, obviously the two overtime losses I think our guys probably had some carryover/hangover from that but that's just an excuse. Villanova played well and Providence didn't. It's really that simple. There are no excuses. They played great and arguably there best player may have played three seconds. So credit there depth, credit there shot making ability. And we just didn't have it today guys."