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Villanova Wildcats

Game Highs and Lows

Game-by-Game Highs

The Automated ScoreBook Villanova Wildcats Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 19, 2003) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ vs Marquette Golden Eagle 11/15/02 61-73 L 16-Ray, Allan 13-Fraser, Jason 4-Sullivan, And 1-Wright, Ricky 3-Sullivan, And Snowden, Derr DREXEL DRAGONS 11/22/02 64-41 W 15-Ray, Allan 16-Wright, Ricky 6-Foye, Randy 3-Foye, Randy 4-Fraser, Jason Snowden, Derr vs Loyola Marymount 11/28/02 87-71 W 24-Fraser, Jason 15-Fraser, Jason 5-Snowden, Derr 2-Snowden, Derr 2-Foye, Randy vs Michigan State 11/29/02 81-73 W 29-Buchanan, Gar 5-Buchanan, Gar 8-Snowden, Derr 3-Snowden, Derr 3-Fraser, Jason Fraser, Jason vs College of Charleston 11/30/02 69-71 L 17-Wright, Ricky 11-Fraser, Jason 6-Snowden, Derr None 1-Fraser, Jason Sumpter, Curt vs La Salle Explorers 12/7/02 74-71 W 21-Wright, Ricky 12-Wright, Ricky 6-Buchanan, Gar 2-Ray, Allan 2-Sullivan, And PENN 12/10/02 58-72 L 15-Wright, Ricky 8-Wright, Ricky 2-Snowden, Derr 1-Sullivan, And 1-Sullivan, And Buchanan, Gar Wright, Ricky Fraser, Jason Wright, Ricky Fraser, Jason UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND-BA 12/13/02 72-60 W 16-Foye, Randy 7-Fraser, Jason 4-Snowden, Derr 2-Buchanan, Gar 6-Fraser, Jason Sullivan, And at Dayton 12/22/02 78-80 L 21-Buchanan, Gar 9-Wright, Ricky 4-Foye, Randy 4-Wright, Ricky 1-Sullivan, And BINGHAMTON BEARCATS 12/27/02 68-53 W 15-Snowden, Derr 10-Sullivan, And 5-Snowden, Derr 4-Ray, Allan 1-Sullivan, And Sumpter, Curt TEMPLE OWLS 12/31/02 70-62 W 16-Ray, Allan 9-Foye, Randy 5-Foye, Randy 2-Snowden, Derr 1-Fraser, Jason Sullivan, And Sullivan, And Wright, Ricky at Memphis 1/05/03 68-72 L 15-Ray, Allan 6-Fraser, Jason 5-Foye, Randy 3-Buchanan, Gar 1-Sullivan, And Buchanan, Gar Ray, Allan Fraser, Jason Buchanan, Gar VIRGINIA TECH HOKIES 1/8/03 92-81 WO 21-Foye, Randy 14-Wright, Ricky 4-Foye, Randy 3-Snowden, Derr 3-Fraser, Jason Snowden, Derr Ray, Allan PROVIDENCE FRIARS 1/11/03 81-67 W 14-Foye, Randy 13-Fraser, Jason 4-Foye, Randy 3-Snowden, Derr 1-Ray, Allan Snowden, Derr at St. John's Red Storm 01/15/03 82-73 W 20-Foye, Randy 12-Ricky Wright 4-Foye, Randy 3-Derrick Snowd 2-Ricky Wright Ray, Allan at Rutgers 01/18/03 110-89 W 27-Buchanan, Gar 9-Buchanan, Gar 5-Fraser, Jason 2-Buchanan, Gar 1-Sullivan, And Snowden, Derr BOSTON COLLEGE EAGLES 1/22/03 94-83 W 27-Buchanan, Gar 6-Fraser, Jason 5-Ray, Allan 4-Fraser, Jason 1-Wright, Ricky Foye, Randy Sumpter, Curt at CONNECTICUT 1/25/03 65-74 L 14-Buchanan, Gar 6-Wright, Ricky 3-Foye, Randy 3-Snowden, Derr 4-Fraser, Jason Sullivan, And WEST VIRGINIA MOUNTAINEER 2/1/03 83-91 L 21-Wright, Ricky 7-Wright, Ricky 6-Snowden, Derr 2-Ray, Allan None Snowden, Derr at Saint Joseph's 2/3/03 75-92 L 19-Buchanan, Gar 8-Wright, Ricky 4-Snowden, Derr 2-Buchanan, Gar 3-Wright, Ricky Ray, Allan at University of Miami 02-08-03 72-67 WO 23-Buchanan, Gar 7-Buchanan, Gar 4-Snowden, Derr 1-Ray, Allan 2-Sullivan, And Wright, Ricky Austin, Marcu Snowden, Derr Sullivan, And ST. JOHN'S RED STORM 2/11/03 50-52 L 17-Buchanan, Gar 7-Wright, Ricky 3-Snowden, Derr 2-Buchanan, Gar 2-Sullivan, And Foye, Randy CONNECTICUT 2/15/03 79-70 W 28-Buchanan, Gar 9-Wright, Ricky 3-Ray, Allan 4-Snowden, Derr 3-Sullivan, And Snowden, Derr at Providence Friars 2/22/03 60-70 L 16-Buchanan, Gar 6-Sumpter, Curt 2-Buchanan, Gar 3-Buchanan, Gar 1-Austin, Marcu Wright, Ricky Wright, Ricky Sumpter, Curt
The Automated ScoreBook Villanova Wildcats Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 19, 2003) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MIAMI HURRICANES 2/25/03 75-56 W 21-Sumpter, Curt 11-Wright, Ricky 5-Sullivan, And 5-Buchanan, Gar 3-Sumpter, Curt Sullivan, And at Seton Hall 02/27/03 56-57 L 12-Ray, Allan 13-Wright, Ricky 3-Wright, Ricky 3-Snowden, Derr 2-Wright, Ricky at Virginia Tech 03/01/03 63-88 L 11-Snowden, Derr 10-Sumpter, Curt 4-Snowden, Derr 3-Snowden, Derr 2-Sullivan, And Sullivan, And at BOSTON COLLEGE 3-4-03 84-92 L 24-Wright, Ricky 8-Wright, Ricky 5-Foye, Randy 3-Snowden, Derr 1-Sumpter, Curt Wright, Ricky PITTSBURGH PANTHERS 3/9/03 54-56 L 15-Foye, Randy 8-Sumpter, Curt 4-Snowden, Derr 3-Austin, Marcu 1-Foye, Randy Ray, Allan Ray, Allan vs Georgetown Hoyas 3/12/03 41-46 L 12-Snowden, Derr 8-Sumpter, Curt 2-Austin, Marcu 3-Snowden, Derr 1-Austin, Marcu Snowden, Derr Foye, Randy Ray, Allan at Siena College 3/18/03 59-74 L 23-Sumpter, Curt 7-Sumpter, Curt 6-Foye, Randy 2-Sumpter, Curt 2-Ray, Allan