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The NCAA prohibits boosters from engaging in recruiting activities designed to secure a prospect's enrollment at Villanova University.


Recruiting is any solicitation of a prospect or a prospect's parents, by a Villanova staff member, to secure the prospect's enrollment and ultimate participation in Villanova University's athletics. Only coaches and authorized employees may be involved in the recruiting process.


A prospective student-athlete is a student who has started classes for the ninth grade, or started classes for the seventh grade if the student is a men's basketball recruit.

As a booster you may not:

  • Contract or call a prospect or their parents (including social media)
  • Contact, call, or entertain a prospect's coach, principal or counselor
  • Reimburse a prospect's coach for expenses incurred in transporting a prospect to campus
  • Assist with evaluating prospect's talent at the direction of the coaching staff
  • Promote Villanova in a way that encourages a prospect to attend Villanova University

As a booster you may not give or Provide prospects, their relatives or friends:

  • Use of an automobile or transportation
  • Admission to an event (e.g., movies, athletic events on or off campus, banquets, clubs, special events, parties, concerts, etc.)
  • Cash or loans, including co-signing, in any amount
  • Special discounts or payment arrangements on loans
  • Gifts of any kind, including those on special occasions (e.g., birthdays, Christmas, finals week)
  • Free or reduced-cost services, rentals or purchases of any type (e.g., meals, drinks, clothing, laundry, haircuts, legal fees, tattoos, golf, car repairs, etc.)
  • Fee or reduced-cost housing for any length of time
  • Payment for bills (e.g., cell phone, gas money, rent, etc.)
  • Use of your telephone or credit card
  • Academic assistance of any kind (e.g., tutoring, editing papers/projects, assistance in completing class work, use of computer, etc.)

Permissible booster activities:

  • Continuing to have contact with an established family friend or neighbor who is a prospect
  • Viewing/attending a prospect's game on your own initiative
  • Receiving a call from a prospect ONLY if the prospect initiates the call and it is not used for recruiting purposes
  • Notifying or sending information to the Villanova coaching staff regarding a prospect


A prospect remains a prospect and is subject to these restrictions and others even after he or she has a signed a National Letter of Intent or a financial agreement to attend Villanova University. The prospect does not lose this status until he or she participates in a regular season practice or competition at Villanova University or enrolls or attends classes, whichever occurs first.