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- May a prospect call a booster?

YES. A booster may talk to a prospect ONLY IF the prospect initiates the call and the call is not prearranged by a Villanova staff member. The discussion may NOT have a recruiting question and must be limited to general topics. All athletically related questions must be referred to the Athletics Department.

- What if a prospect knows that a booster is a Villanova graduate and contacts him/her to ask questions about Villanova?

IT IS permissible for the booster to take the call. If a prospect contacts a booster, he/she may answer questions regarding various aspects of Villanova as long as NO DISCUSSION takes place regarding Villanova's athletic program.

- Is it permissible for a booster to telephone a prospect once the prospect has committed to Villanova?

NO. Even if the purpose of the call is only to congratulate the prospect, he/she is still a prospect and the same contact rules apply after committing (verbally committing, declaring intent to attend Villanova).

- Is it permissible for a booster to accompany a Villanova coach when he/she visits the local high school or prospect's home?