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A Look Into Swimming and Diving's 2012 Training Trip in Puerto Rico
Senior Erin Malone fills us in on the 2012 Swimming and Diving Training Trip in Puerto Rico.

Oct. 16, 2012

VILLANOVA, Pa. - Women's swimming and diving senior, Erin Malone, takes us to San Juan, Puerto Rico to catch up with the Villanova Swimming and Diving team as they train for their upcoming 2012-2013 season.

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Blog Entry No. 1

They say life is like a rainbow - you need both the sun and the rain to make the colours appear. Well it has been raining in between large bouts of radiant sunshine, and we have certainly seen some colours as we round off Day three of our annual fall break training trip. From the lush green of the Puerto Rican landscape to the brilliant blue of the welcoming ocean; the reds and yellows of the urban street art dotting our daily drive, to the flushed pink cheeks after each workout (or maybe a few too many hours in the sun; but above all, the colors of our united team is shining through.

Our trip kicked off on Saturday morning as we left Nova at 5am in the freezing cold, but after a team trip to Au Bon Pair, some in flight cloud Instagrams, a solid half hour of Logo Quiz, and some runway Snap Chats amongst team mates, we were checking into the Embassy Suits of San Juan. Pretty soon we were back on the bus heading to Caparra Country Club, ready to acclimate ourselves with our new home (for the next week at least). Despite the cloud cover and pending tropical storm, the team was super stoked to be there; the women rocking their new team suits, and the men their hard-worked on abs. Regardless of the overwhelming excitement at being back in the warmth of the sun, it would be hard to deny the enjoyment had form a hard earned meal at none other than Outback Steakhouse - a great way to round out an awesome start to the training trip.

Day two kept the ball rolling as we split up into specialty groups for our morning practice, where our sprinters pulled together for a hard 200pace set, and our distance team rallied to clock up some great yardage. With threatening black clouds overhead between practices, we had a great opportunity to fit in a women's team building session, as well as some lazing by the hotel pool before heading back to the country club for a big `dry land' workout with weight coach Gillman, followed by a large in water kicking set - another great practice to wrap up our first full day.

This morning, after Gatorade refills and a stop at the hotel breakfast, we were back on the bus ready for some aerobic group work. While all groups did a good job with their respective practices, there could be no denying the awesome effort coming from our team IM group who were thrown a challenging IM set (yes, I was watching them pump out laps upon laps of butterfly, while I was swimming up and down with flippers). Our down time was spent lapping up some sunshine on the beach, while the men did some team building, before heading back to the pull to finish up `magic Monday' - named appropriately for the `magic 100's' (heart rate work) we do each Monday and as a team. Pulling each other up for one of our more challenging sessions, everyone put in a great effort. Looking a little pink of cheek, red of shoulder, and sore of muscle, we will be spending the evening recovering with a good dinner and stretching as we prepare for another great day tomorrow.