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What We Do

The Villanova University Cheerleading Program is committed to developing well-rounded individuals who are dedicated to supporting the athletic teams at Villanova. The program strives to represent the Villanova community in an honorable manner that is indicative of the Augustinian tradition upon which the University was founded. The program is focused on building character and a sense of self-fulfillment and self-confidence in its team members. By participating in the program, individuals learn life lessons that will help them grow individually and as members of a team. A key component of the program is its commitment to the individual's top physical conditioning and safety.

Our Program is comprised of 30-35 members, selected through a tryout process. Within the program there are two smaller teams, a coed and an all-girl team.

The coed team is made up of 6-8 couples (6-8 male, 6-8 female). The females typically have coed or all girl stunting experience as flyers along with strong tumbling skills. Males range from experienced to brand new; when selecting males we look for athleticism, strength, enthusiasm and strong work ethic.

The all-girl team is made up of 16-18 females. Positions on this team include flyers, main bases, side bases and back spots. Typically, members have cheerleading or gymnastics experience, are familiar with multiple positions, and have strong tumbling skills. Requirements for females who are selected for this team include skill, attitude, and versatility.

During football season, both teams come together and cheer at all home games. The teams split in order to engage the majority of fans during the game. For example, one team will be in front of the band and the other will be in front of the fans. While the ball is not in play, both teams participate in cheers aimed to excite the crowd. We also perform choreographed band dances, stunts, pyramids and basket tosses during timeouts and quarter changes.

During basketball season, the teams will split games, covering all Men's and Women's home basketball games and specific away games. During the game, we perform cheers, dances and stunts in order to engage the crowd and get them excited. Timeouts and media breaks are our time for the team to take center court and showcase several stunts, pyramids and tumbling routines. Athletes are also selected for media appearances throughout the game.

For both football and basketball season, the Villanova Cheerleading team attends all postseason games and tournaments. Typically, 12 cheerleaders are permitted to travel and are chosen from both the coed and all-girl teams.

In addition to supporting our athletic programs, the team has a large presence on campus. The cheerleading team attends many appearances in the community, ranging from Special Olympics to coaches' brunches to birthday parties all around the greater Philadelphia area. The team strives to represent Villanova in a positive, enthusiastic and respectful way.