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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does your program consist of only one team?
A: Our team consists of both an All-girl and a Coed squad. The All-girl squad consists of 4-person stunt groups with a main base, side base, flyer and back spot with around 16-20 members total. We also practice 3-person groups especially for post season travel. The Coed squad consists of boy bases and girl flyers, with around 10-16 members total. Although we are split into two teams, we practice and lift together. During football and basketball seasons we cheer games separately, with the exception of certain games such as Homecoming and Parents Weekend in which we cheer together. For our Nationals competition, members are selected to make one squad.

Q: How do you try out for the team?
A: Please see the Tryout tab for information regarding tryouts.

Q: Do you need prior cheer experience?
A: Although it is not required, it is preferred to have some experience with tumbling, stunting and motions. We are looking for those with a skill of a back handspring and advanced. Similarly, we are looking for those with stunting experience, or the ability to learn quickly. Some of our members come from a gymnastics background and have been able to quickly pick up on the motions and stunting aspect of our team. What we look for in potential new members is a willingness to try new positions, as many members are able to fill in different roles.

Q: What is the time commitment like for team members?
A: Our team practices two to three nights a week for three hours. Our team also has a one-hour scheduled weight lifting session in the varsity athlete weight room twice a week. In addition to scheduled practice and lifting times, we cheer at football and basketball games, and attend various appearances in the community.

Q: What sports teams do you cheer for?
A: While we support all 24 sports, we cheer at every Villanova football games as well as the Men's and Women's basketball games.

Q: Do you take part in competitions?
A: Our team competes at the UCA College National Competition every January in Orlando, Florida. Coaches select members from both the co-ed and all-girl squads to be on the national team and we compete in the small co-ed division.

Q: Does the squad have other requirements besides just cheering at games?
A: Our team is involved in several other activities apart from practicing and cheering at games. We take part in Villanova's Special Olympics Fall Fest every year by performing at the opening ceremonies and volunteering throughout the weekend. Our team also participates in Villanova's annual Day of Service. Additionally, we make appearances at various events across the community including birthday parties, alumni reunions, and promotional events at the King of Prussia Mall.

Q: How long is your season?
A: Our team holds pre-season practices and workouts throughout the summer with additional conditioning requirements in order to prepare for camp. We attend UCA Cheerleading Camp in mid-August, which marks the beginning of our season. During the summer and fall, we cheer for football games and in the winter and spring we cheer for men's and women's basketball games. If these teams continue into the post-season, this will extend our season. Our season officially ends with the final basketball game. In the off-season, an optional weekly practice is typically offered to continue working on our skills.

Q: Is there a required GPA to be on the team?
A: Our team members are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0. and be in good disciplinary standing with the University.

Q: What are the benefits of being a Villanova cheerleader?
A: We have access to the varsity weight room where we have our weight lifting sessions with an athletic trainer. We also have access to academic support tutors through the athletic department. In addition to our home games, selected members will travel to support our football, men's basketball, and women's basketball teams in the post-season. As cheerleaders, we serve as ambassadors of the University and take pride in this role.

Q: Do you travel for away games?
A: We typically do not travel to regular-season away games unless requested. However, we do travel for post-season football, men's basketball and women's basketball games including the BIG EAST tournament and NCAA tournament.

Q: Are you able to be involved in other activities outside of cheerleading?
A: Yes, many of our members are involved in a variety of activities outside of cheerleading, such as Blue Key Society, Orientation, and Greek Life. We encourage members to get involved in other areas on campus, but want to make sure members are aware of the mandatory time commitments and obligations of the Cheerleading team.

Please email with any additional questions you may have. Go Nova!

How can I book Will D. Cat for an appearance at my event?
You must fill out the online form here. Mascot appearances are on a first come, first serve basis. Not all requests can be fulfilled due to scheduling. If you have any questions regarding mascot appearances, please email