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Student Athlete Advisory Committee

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) at Villanova was formed in the fall of 1993 for the purpose of recognizing the student-athlete in the fields of academics and athletics. Each Villanova University sponsored Athletic team will have two representatives be a part of the council. The SAAC is charged with enhancing the student-athlete experience through opportunity and service as well as promoting a positive student-athlete image and protecting the overall welfare of our student-athletes.

The council aims to implement programs that will promote a positive image of intercollegiate athletics and the student-athlete. The SAAC gives the student-athlete an opportunity for leadership through a voice in the administration of the Athletics Department. The SAAC meets once a month to discuss current issues pertinent to the student-athlete. The members of the committee are to be liaisons between their team members, coaching staff and athletic administration.

  • The members shall bring their willingness to participate and volunteer as well as energy and creativity to all meetings.
  • The student-athlete members will be exceptionally organized, motivated and dedicated to the success of SAAC; its events and community service projects.
  • The SAAC seeks to be effective in communication with all student-athletes. The council also promotes healthy lifestyles for all student-athletes, a personal and social responsibility; academic achievement in the classroom as well as the involvement in SAAC sponsored events and community service projects.

Guiding Principles:
Villanova University's SAAC program will follow the Division I SAAC guiding principles. Members will uphold with respectfulness differences in: "ethics, integrity, fairness, and a respect for diversity, which shall include, but not limited to, attention to gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and sport."

The council seeks members who are willing to be the "leaders of the pack." Both members from each time will be required to be at the monthly meeting, where the representatives along with members from the Villanova Athletic Department Staff will discuss current student athlete issues and plan SAAC events. All members must adhere to the purpose of the Student Athlete Advisory Council and remain academically eligible during their appointment.

SAAC Leadership Team

Carly Edwards
SAAC Co-President
Major: Communication
Remington Pope
SAAC Co-President
Men's Lacrosse
Major: Accounting
Julia Todd
SAAC Secretary
Women’s Lacrosse
Major: Marketing & Finance

2013-2014 SAAC Representatives

Women's Lacrosse:
Julia Todd, Elise Bendinelli and Chelsey Henderson

photophoto photo
Men's Lacrosse:
Remington Pope, Christian Kolderup, Michael Tsiang

Women's Soccer:
Amanda Penkrot and Shannon Rhodes

photo photo
Men's Soccer:
Danny Gonzalez and Sean Sheridan

photo photo
Women's Basketball:
Devon Kane, Emily Leer and Taylor Holeman

photo photo photo
Field Hockey:
Lauren Wilson and Andrea Conte

photo photo
Women's Tennis:
Mikelle Mancini and Anne Cognetti

photo photo
Ali Lowe, Shea Palmer and Sierra McConnell

photo photo photo
Women's Track and Field and CC:
Mary Bohi, Virginia LaMacchia, Anne Yahiro and Caitlin Bongo

photo photo photo photo
Men's Track and Field and CC:
Rob Denault, Aaron Sandifer, Kevin Corbusier, and Chris Dougherty

photo photo
Water Polo:
Callan Edwards and Julie Conrath

photo photo
Shane Harris, Kevin Monangai, Christopher Gough and Don Cherry

photo photo photo photo
Carly Edwards and Michelle Adams

photo photo
Women's Rowing:
Alanna McCoy and Katrina Bertrand

photo photo
Women's Swimming:
Sara Jurek and Katrin Heider

photo photo
Men's Swimming:
Murphy Smith and Jason Moyer

photo photo
Emma Taylor and Jocelyn Parker
Men's Golf:
Robby Meador and Scott Miller

photo photo
Nick Coutre and Manny Morris

photo photo
Men's Tennis:
Joseph Monaldo and Kelly Donaldson

photo photo
Men's Basketball:
Nick McMahon and Darrun Hilliard

photo photo