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Each of Us Strengthens All of Us

At the heart of Villanova Athletics are its student-athletes, the men and women who embody what it means to be a Wildcat. This foundation is built upon a well-earned tradition of excellence in academics and athletics that spans generations. Villanova's core values of Veritas, Unitas and Caritas are the threads which bind its student-athletes together and serve to unite us. We are a community where each of us strengthens all of us.

The 24 student-athletes whose images appear before you were selected by their respective head coaches. Each exemplifies to them what it means to wear the Blue and White. These 24 individuals compete with a relentless spirit that reflects the best of the Nova Nation. Among them are Olympians, NCAA national champions, All-Americans, All-Conference selections, and scholar-athletes.

Once a Wildcat, Always a Wildcat.

"The photo is an opportunity to recognize the collective achievements of Villanova's 24 programs. Our student-athletes have created an amazing legacy of success both in and out of the classroom. Although some of our programs may be more high profile or more consistently successful, this photo shows that being a Villanova student-athlete goes far deeper than that. Common values and experiences are the threads that bind our student-athletes - regardless of program - making us stronger together." - Athletic Director Mark Jackson

From left to right: From left to right: Andreas Bartonsinski, James Duetmeyer, Lauren Herschberg, Kathleen O'Connor, Will Elmore, Lucas Trim, Sidney Hayes, Sofia Calabrese, Eric Paschall, Maggie Cavanaugh, Todd Czinege, Kristin Barbour, Ian Kleinsmith, Alex Louin, Victoria Martinez, Mark Ferrante, Siofra Cleirigh Buttner, Alexa Fabbri, Allison Sayia, Sterling Pierce, Allison Fitzgerald, Christian Cuccinello, Lizzie Louwers, Andrew Marston.

Men's Soccer head coach Tom Carlin, on Andreas Bartosinski:

"Andreas is one of the most well-balanced Student-Athletes that we have had in our Men's Soccer program. His discipline, hard work and preparation are the keys to his success. He excels on and off the field, in the classroom, in the locker room as a leader and in the community. He truly embodies the qualities of a complete Student-athlete."

Men's Track & Field head coach Marcus O'Sullivan on James Duetmeyer:

"James has been a strong competitor and shown great commitment to his academic and athletic endeavors here at Villanova."

Softball head coach Maria DiBernardi on Lauren Herschberg:

"Lauren is a model student and embodies all that Villanova University stands for. She is an excellent student, a mentor in her field of study and a quiet leader who leads by example. Her work ethic is incredibly strong and she is relentless in her pursuit to be the best she can be both on the field and in the classroom. She is one of the best pure hitters to come through our program."

Women's Lacrosse head coach Julie Young on Kathleen O'Connor:

"Kathleen showed everyone on our team how to overcome life's unexpected curveballs. Her life was changed last fall when she found out the news she had lymphoma cancer. Kathleen has taught our team countless lessons. She has taught us that any battle is worth fighting and if you want it enough, you will win. She has taught us that even in moments of weakness, it is possible to use the little strength you have to take steps forward. She has taught us that you must appreciate every single day and take what life throws at you with a smile and a determination to succeed. As a team, we looked at Kathleen and tried to embody the courage, faith and positive attitude she showed us. We can use this powerful mindset to push ourselves to excel in all areas of life and to overcome adversity when life throws us a challenge."

Men's Tennis head coach Brad Adams on Will Elmore:

"Will has been a great example of what it means to be a student-athlete at Villanova. He has overcome a lot of adversity to be a leader on the court, in the student body, and within a charitable foundation. He constantly challenges himself and the team to get to a higher level and has been a driving force to our success in doubles."

Golf head coach Jim Wilkes on Lucas Trim:

"Lucas has proven to be one of the most dedicated and hardest-working student athletes ever associated with the golf team. He has excelled on course and in the classroom, representing athletics as both a SAAC rep and team captain. His enduring commitment and work ethic have placed him in a very select group of Villanovans that started in every spring and fall event over a four year career."

Women's Track & Field head coach Gina Procaccio on Sidney Hayes:

"Sidney was chosen to represent the sprint group after her breakout performance at the 2017 indoor Big East championship which included bringing the baton in first on the lead-off leg of the championship winning 4X400 relay."

Women's Track & Field head coach Gina Procaccio on Sofia Calabrese:

"Sophia was chosen to represent the field events after the determination and heart she showed while competing at the 2017 Big East Indoor Championships. She scored in the grueling pentathlon and high jump despite finding out that she would need surgery on her hip 3 weeks later."

Men's Basketball head coach Jay Wright on Eric Paschall:

"Eric is the consummate Villanova athlete - a committed student, a committed teammate and a great member of the Villanova community. We're always proud to have Eric represent Villanova Basketball."

Rowing head coach Carissa Adams on Maggie Cavanaugh:

"Maggie was a true leader. As a coxswain she always took command of her boat and had a great sense of how to get her teammates to work together. She was an effective captain in that she always looked for ways to support her team."

Baseball head coach Kevin Mulvey on Todd Czinege:

"Todd Czinege is a special person. He makes everyone else around him better. He is a leader by example. He has learned and embraced the Augustinian values. We have been fortunate to have him as part of our program. I am both proud and honored to have been able to coach such a fine young gentlemen."

Women's Soccer head coach Chris McLain on Kristin Barbour:

"I have been fortunate enough to have had the ability to work with many big time players in my day. Rarely does one have the chance to coach not just a world class student- athlete but an absolute world class human being. Kristin epitomizes everything you would hope and want to represent Villanova University, and then some. I'm honored to have this kid a part of this program."

Men's Swimming & Diving head coach Rick Simpson on Ian Kleinsmith:

"Ian is the pure example of Selfless-Leadership. All of Ian's actions as an athlete including his own personal development both in and out of the pool, were always executed with the idea of "Team First!"

Women's basketball head coach Harry Perretta on Alex Louin:

"Alex has an extreme love of the game and leads by example on the court and in the classroom. She pushes not only herself to be better but also encourages her teammates to be the best they can be. In just three years she scored over 1,000 points and is a versatile player, being able to play many positions for us."

Women's Tennis head coach Steve Reiniger on Victoria Martinez:

"Victoria is a natural leader. She pushes herself in the classroom and on the tennis court always striving for perfection. Playing towards the top of the lineup in both singles and doubles, her intensity and good sportsmanship is well noticed by the rest of the team. Very encouraging to all of her teammates, her kind and supportive nature helps bring our team together even during the toughest times."

Football head coach Mark Ferrante on Tanoh Kpassagnon:

"The Villanova football program has chosen Tanoh because he defines the term "student-athlete" perfectly. Not only excelling on the playing field and becoming an FCS All-American and 2nd round draft pick in the NFL, Tanoh was also a double major in Accounting and Finance in Villanova's prestigious Business School. Whether it be on the field or in the classroom, Tanoh always strives to be the best. His work ethic and competitive spirit always comes through and is something that is contagious throughout his teammates. Tanoh also embraces what it is to be a true Villanovan, one who is loyal, trustworthy and a person who truly cares for others."

Women's Cross Country head coach Gina Procaccio on Siofra Cleirigh Buttner:

"Few runners in Villanova's storied history can match the passion for competition displayed by Siofra. She is a leader on our team and a leader within the athletic department as a whole, lending her dynamic personality to SAAC, Special Olympics, and the Villanova Day of Service."

Women's Swimming & Diving head coach Rick Simpson on Alexa Fabbri:

"Alexa is the quintessential model of a "Student-Athlete." She is everything that we strive for at Villanova. Her attention to detail in her pursuit of excellence both in the pool and the classroom is second to none."

Field hockey head coach Joanie Milhous on Allison Sayia:

"Allison is a young lady with an excellent attitude and a great work ethic. She is determined and will help lead the Villanova field hockey program to be one of the best in the Big East!"

Men's Track & Field head coach Marcus O'Sullivan on Sterling Pierce:

"Sterling was voted most outstanding track performer at the 2016 Big East Outdoor Championship his freshman year. Sterling has the potential to develop into one of Villanova's premier short sprinters."

Volleyball head coach Josh Steinbach on Allison Fitzgerald:

"Allie is the ultimate teammate. Her focus on having a great attitude, giving 100% effort and putting her team first is evident not only on the court and in the gym, but also in how she carries herself on campus daily. The value she adds to our team is her ability to be a selfless leader and a positive example for her teammates."

Men's Lacrosse head coach Michael Corrado on Christian Cuccinello:

"Christian is a great role model. Every year he continues to improve both in the classroom and on the field. He excels as an Economics major and leads by example. Every day he comes to practice and works to make not only himself but his teammates better."

Water Polo head coach Rob Mida on Lizzie Louwers:

"Elizabeth is a dedicated teammate and captain with a relentless drive to compete. Her positive attitude lifts up those around her. She gives her all in and out of the pool, the team will miss her when she graduates."

Men's Cross Country head coach Marcus O'Sullivan on Andrew Marston:

"Enthusiastic commitment is what comes to mind when I think of Andrew as a member of our team. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to keep the men's distance squad working towards the common goal of excellence."