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Sports Marketing Association

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The Villanova Sports Marketing Association is a strong foundation of undergraduate students who interact with and learn from the Villanova Athletics Department. The Sports Marketing Association subscribes to the same standards of excellence as expected by all full-time departmental staff. The purpose of this association is to provide support for the Athletics Department and learn and experience various aspects of the department as a whole. This will provide the members a higher level of knowledge and understanding that will place them above other candidates for potential intern/job positions.

We, the Villanova Sports Marketing Association, agree to the following standards required for membership:

  • Contribute professionalism, motivation, education, and positive attitude to the department.
  • Gain valuable experience in all areas of collegiate athletic involvement and provide assistance to departmental staff
  • Express enthusiasm and desire for learning during every activity
  • Unite and openly express ideas, experiences, and goals to effectively serve and uphold the ideals of Villanova Athletics
  • Assist each other through research, organization, planning, delegation, and implementation of various activities
  • Use the SMA as an opportunity for personal and professional growth through interaction and involvement

    To obtain these standards of excellence, the Villanova Sports Marketing Association commits itself to the following:

    Commitment: The club will receive priority over all other activities outside of academic obligations. Everyone must be present at all activities, meetings, and any other required event unless the member has class, a major illness, or there has been a death in the family.

    Involvement: We will demonstrate willingness and eagerness to become involved in multiple activities that will assist in our future and benefit the department.

    Timeliness: Everyone must arrive on time for all activities relating to the association.

    Education: We will strive to learn and teach through communication, teamwork, knowledge, and experience.