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Jan. 29, 1998

Villanova's C.A.T.S. Program Wins Community Relations Award

VILLANOVA, PA.--- The Villanova University C.A.T.S. program won the Excellence in Community

Relations award announced Monday, Jan. 27, by Athletic Management Magazine. Athletic Management Magazine's Awards of Excellence Program honors those schools which go above and beyond what is normally expected to provide student-athletes with a more worthwhile experience.

The Villanova C.A.T.S. program, Community Action Through Sport, is a focus program made up of athletes dedicated to being positive role models in the Philadelphia Community. The program is made up of a diverse focus group of 12 student-athletes who identify opportunities and situations and motivate other student-athletes to get involved.

One of C.A.T.S. unique programs is the Chester A. Arthur "Pen Pal" Program. Over 96 Villanova students serve as monthly "pen pals" to fourth grade students at Chester A. Arthur school in south Philadelphia. This program was designed to promote reading and communication, as well as establish maintainable relationships between Wildcat student-athletes and the Philadelphia Community.

C.A.T.S. also participates in the High School Outreach program, where twice a month groups of 3-5 students present seminars to high schools throughout the Philadelphia are. This program has been effective in motivating high school students to stay in school and strive for realistic goals and lone term aspirations. In addition, the Villanova student-athletes involved in C.A.T.S. participate in post-game autograph sessions and attendance enhancement initiatives.

Athletic Management will be profiling Villanova University and all of the 1998 award winners in its February/March issue.