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Beginning with the 2006-07 school year, the Office of Academic Support has presented a monthly award to student-athletes who have performed well both in the classroom and in athletic competition. Below is a list of the winners.

Year Month Name Sport
2016-17 September Rob Rolle Football
2016-17 October Patrick Tiernan Men's Cross Country
2016-17 November Patrick Tiernan Men's Cross Country
Bella Burda Women's Cross Country
2016-17 December Tanoh Kpassagnon Football
2016-17 January Siofra Cleirigh Buttner Women's Track & Field
2016-17 February Darby Goodwin Women's Swimming & Diving
2016-17 March Dominique Clark Water Polo
2016-17 April Brette Lawrence Softball
2015-16 September Claire Crutchfield Volleyball
2015-16 October Jordyn Clipstone Field Hockey
2015-16 November Patrick Tiernan Men's Cross Country
2015-16 December Caitlin Daday Women's Swimming & Diving
2015-16 January Angel Piccirillo Women's Track & Field
2015-16 February Kaisla Kollanus Women's Swimming & Diving
2015-16 March Jake Froccaro Men's Lacrosse
2015-16 April Men's Basketball Team Men's Basketball
2014-15 September John Robertson Football
2014-15 October Jordyn Clipstone Field Hockey
2014-15 November Patrick Tiernan Men's Cross Country
2014-15 December Don Cherry Football
2014-15 January Jason Moyer Men's Swimming & Diving
2014-15 February Kaisla Kollanus Women's Swimming & Diving
2014-15 March Emily Leer Women's Basketball
2014-15 April Jackie Froccaro Women's Lacrosse
2013-14 September Andrew Weakly Men's Soccer
2013-14 October Mariah Henley Volleyball
2013-14 November Jessica Wamala Women's Basketball
2013-14 December Devon Kane Women's Basketball
2013-14 January Katrin Heider Women's Swimming & Diving
2013-14 February Fiona Hardie Women's Swimming & Diving
2013-14 March Samuel Ellison Men's Track & Field
2013-14 April John LoCascio Men's Lacrosse
2012-13 September Heidi Sabatura Women's Soccer
2012-13 October Kyle McCarthy Men's Soccer
2012-13 November Emily Lipari Women's Cross Country
2012-13 December Laura Sweeney Women's Basketball
2012-13 January Mouphtaou Yaro Men's Basketball
2012-13 February Hayley Edwards Women's Swimming & Diving
2012-13 April Nicky Akande Women's Track & Field
Emily Lipari Women's Track & Field
Angel Piccirillo Women's Track & Field
2011-12 September Kim Maroon Volleyball
2011-12 October Megan Goelz Field Hockey
2011-12 November Matthew Gibney Men's Cross Country
Sheila Reid Women's Cross Country
2011-12 December Roxy Tammadge Women's Swimming & Diving
2011-12 January Laura Sweeney Women's Basketball
2011-12 February Dan Gutierrez Men's Lacrosse
2011-12 March Kristi Burlin Softball
2011-12 April Michael Kania Golf
2010-11 September Maggie Mergen Volleyball
2010-11 October Brendan Kelly Golf
2010-11 November Entire Team Women's Cross Country
2010-11 December Laura Sweeney Women's Basketball
2010-11 January Scott Thiede Men's Swimming & Diving
2010-11 February Mathew Mildenhall Men's Track & Field
2010-11 March Molly Manning Softball
2010-11 April Brian Karalunas Men's Lacrosse
2009-10 September Katie Ryan Women's Soccer
2009-10 October Sheila Reid Women's Cross Country
2009-10 November Chris Whitney Football
2009-10 January Ashlyn Llerandi Women's Indoor Track & Field
2009-10 February Sarah Czar Women's Swimming & Diving
2009-10 March Brian Karalunas Men's Lacrosse
2009-10 April Jess O'Boyle Softball
2008-09 September Maura McCormick Field Hockey
2008-09 October Erin Hardiman Women's Soccer
2008-09 November Osayi Osunde Football
2008-09 December Laura Kurz Women's Basketball
2008-09 January Astrid Armgarth Women's Swimming & Diving
2008-09 February Frances Koons Women's Indoor Track & Field
2008-09 March Meghan Morese Softball
2008-09 April Matt Fritts Men's Lacrosse
2007-08 September Miles Harrison Men's Soccer
2007-08 October Kacy Sellers Volleyball
2007-08 November Bobby Curtis Men's Cross Country
2007-08 December Jesse Radtke Women's Swimming & Diving
2007-08 January Stacie Witman Women's Basketball
2007-08 February Corey Stokes Men's Basketball
2007-08 March Julie Ramaley Water Polo
2007-08 April Katie Stone Women's Lacrosse
2006-07 August Adrian Semrau Volleyball
2006-07 September Lauren Campanelli Field Hockey
2006-07 October Allyn Bacchus Football
2006-07 November Frances Koons Women's Cross Country
2006-07 January Will Sheridan Men's Basketball
2006-07 February Jackie Adamshick Women's Basketball
2006-07 March Jenny Somerville Women's Swimming & Diving
2006-07 April Laura Determan Softball
2006-07 May Dan Terpak Baseball