Catching Up with the Cats presented by Villanova School of Business

This monthly feature series highlights former Villanova student-athletes that are alumni of the Business School and have received their advanced agree. Each month we will highlight a former student-athlete to show where they are now and how their Villanova experience helped them get there.

May's Wildcat Alum is Katherine Coyer
Class of 2016
B.B.A. Marketing and Real Estate
Current MBA Student

April's Wildcat Alum is Henry Lowe
Class of 2016
B.A., Communication
Current MBA Student and Research Fellow

March's Wildcat Alum is Chris Ficke
Class of 2011
B.S., Accounting
Masters of Accounting

February's Wildcat Alum is Melissa Schroeder
Class of 2013
B.S., Accounting and Manage Information Systems
Masters of Accounting 2013


January's Wildcat Alum is Dan Zurek
Class of 2008
Bachelor of Arts, Business Management and International Business
M.B.A, Strategic Management - Class of 2016


December's Wildcat Alum is Erin Malone
Class of 2013
Bachelor of Arts, Communication (PR/Media Production)
M.B.A Analytics - Class of 2015


November's Wildcat Alum is Earnest Pettway
Class of 2015
B.S. in accounting and finance
Minor in Real Estate
Masters in Accounting

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