Higgins Soccer Complex

Go behind the scenes with the renovations

May 1, 2014

Excavation and removal of soil officially begins for the installation of a new surface at the Villanova Soccer complex. The West Campus facility will feature a newly installed field turf surface to replace a weathered pitch that suffered from slow drainage during periods of wet weather.

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Soccer Complex Renovations

May 9, 2014

A total of 70 trucks are utilized to level the field and complete the soil removal. The plot of land is being surveyed for the placement of utilities. There is now an unobstructed view of both fields side by side. Next week, the rebar will be laid to reinforce the retaining walls.

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Soccer Complex Renovations

June 5, 2014

The fields are being leveled by quadrants to accept the sub-base for the new turf. Rebar of the retaining wall will be finished up next week, with the concrete being poured. Also next week, the stone mason will begin work and the footings will be dug for the ball blocking system. Work is moving along as scheduled!

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Soccer Complex Renovations

June 24, 2014

The stone masons are almost finished work on the walls surrounding the pitch, and the stone base is being installed on the 1st quadrant of the field.

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Soccer Complex Renovations

July 24, 2014

The turf is being laid! The team lays out the turf in sections, secures the pieces together and then pulls it across until it is laying right side up.

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Soccer Complex Renovations

August 12, 2014

New game goals have been placed and padding is added to the edges of the complex. The practice field, named after Billy Zimmermann, is lined for soccer as well as men's and women's lacrosse. Brick work is being completed and team shelters and a new scoreboard are set to be delivered early next week for final touches to the new complex.

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Soccer Complex Renovations

August 15, 2014

Everything is being put into place! The donkey and player benches are set up and ready for action. Also, many final touches are being made, the nets for the ball blocking system are going up and the wall padding is finally done. Next week the scoreboard comes in!

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Soccer Complex Renovations

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