Congratulate Villanova Football - 2009 NCAA Champions!

Dec. 18, 2009

Villanova is the 2009 champion of NCAA FCS football!! Send your congratulations to the team now!

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Rob (San Diego): What an exciting game! Congrats guys

Tim (New York): Congrats to Villanova Football!! National Champions!! You've done Villanova proud.

Ray Murphy (Pickerington, OH): Way to go Wildcats! Congratulations to Coach Andy Talley!


Kyle (Branford, CT): Congrats Coach Talley and Team, a phenomenal year and making me proud to be a part of Nova Nation!

Murphy (West Chester, PA): Awesome game guys! I'm so proud; you deserved to win! Congratulations Coach Talley and all of the Nova football players!!

Chris '03 (Philadelphia): Congratulations, Go Cats!

Deanna (S. Jersey): V for Victory!!! So proud of the Cats!!! Congratulations!!!

Drew: Congrats Villanova Football!! Awesome coach, awesomel team. Villanova Football has been a class-act for a long time, you deserve this win.

Patrick Kennedy'95 (La Lumiere, IN): The Midwest: home to Villanova's 2nd NCAA National Championship in as many months. Let's make it 3 in April in Indy!

Frank (Bronx, NY): Awesome job guys! You make me proud to be a Villanovan!!

Bob Malvern,Pa.: Congratulations to Andy Talley and the players. you guys had great character the whole season and deserved to be champions. Enjoy this moment.

Will (Andover, MA): ALL HAIL SZCZUR!!!

Mike (New York): The Football Tradition at Nova Begins in 2009. Congratulations to a great team and Coach Andy Talley. Go Wildcats!

Tom Powers. '81 (Cincinnati, OH): Coach Talley: Congrats to you, your coaching staff and the Wildcats on a tremendous season. You have given 'NOVA NATION the best Christmas present ever!!!!

Tim Matas '92 (Hershey, PA): Way to go Coach Talley, staff and, of course, team! NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!

Chris Lewis '92: Congratulations Nova Football Cats! You guys have given us a great season and deserve this championship. Thank you from a proud alum!

Vince (West Chester, PA): A long overdue and well deserved championship season! Congrats to all the players and coaches. Let's build that new stadium!

Kristy (Perkasie, PA): Way to go guys! What a way to start off winter break!

Will ( Sanatoga, Pa.): Hard fought game! CHAMPIONS !!

Mike (Houston): Congrats Nova. Huge Win. There should be a plus one game...Nova against the UT/Bama winner.

John E. (Philly) VLS '99:: Awesome win, 'Nova! Let's get one in basketball too!

Dan Kelley '92 (Phila, PA): Great job, Coach Talley, Players, and Staff! Proud to be Wildcat!!

Mike: Congrats Cats! The win put a smile on my face. The commentary about Szczur giving bone marrow in Jan. as part of Coach Talley's program to save a girls life put a tear in my eye and reminded of one of the many many reasons why I am proud to be a WILDCAT!!!!

Sean (Carlsbad, Ca): Congrats fellas!!! What a gutty, hard nosed performance. I wouldn't expect anything less from a Villanova squad. Thank you for doing us proud tonight!!!

Andrew '05 (Bensalem, PA): Congratulations Coach Talley and players!!!! All of us at Nova Nation could not be prouder of your tremendous national championship!

Robert (Salem, OH): Congratulations, Wildcats!!! What a great game!

norman white ,sr: congrats to my son norman .jr &the vallinova footbaal team ..god bless

Peye: Congratulations fellas! Go cats!

Dan (Los Angeles, CA): Congrats guys! Way to make all of us alumni proud!

Michael P. Gigliotti '70 - Irvine, CA: From the Southern CA Chapter of the Villanova Alumni Association - Congratulations Villanova Wildcats!!!

Alvin Clay (West Conshohocken, PA): Awesome!! Great game and season guys! Coach, great to see you hoist that trophy after sitting through most of those great cold rainy games since I was 5 in 1985, watching you put amazing teams on the field. Makes every Villanova proud.

Brad Donnelly (Downingtown): What a second half!!!! You guys are heros! Thank you for all your hard work!

Casey's Bar - Berwyn, PA: All in Casey's toast Coach Talley and his Villanova Wildcat '09 football champions!!

Erik (Denver, CO): The story of Villanova Football coming back after being dropped and Coach Talley rebuilding the program from scratch has to be one of the greatest stories ever!! Congratulations to Villanova, 2009 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!

Dante Devine: Congrats Villanova!!!! We're going to win another one next year!!

Lochie (Brisbane, AUS): Congratulations all the way from Villanova College, Brisbane on a great win!

David S (San Francisco, CA): Well done, from the West coast.

Ryan Morse (Philadelphia): YO NOVA!! WE DID IT!!! way to play fellas, its a proud moment is philly history, and its one for the ages!

Paul '73 (Heidelberg): BRAVO!

Ben Marino '85 (Branchburg, NJ): Another "Shining Moment" for Villanova! Santa came early this year. Thank you for a memorable season we'll never forget. Congratulations Wildcats!

Tom (Jersey): Congratulations Coach, staff and players. Great season. Thank You.

Andrew ( Philadelphia. Pa): I am your biggest fan ever!!! Awesome game guys!!

Andew ( philadelphia, pa): Coach Tally nice season you beat a team undefeated. You are the BEST COACH EVER!!!!!!!

Jaime (Guaynabo, Puerto Rico): You did it guys!!! Congrats on a great season and looking for a back to back. Be proud of what you did, you deserve it.

Leo '77 (Allentown, PA): A long wait, but it makes it even sweeter. Congratulations to a great team and a first class coach!

Bill P (Kernersville, NC): From all over the country, we are so proud of the coaches and team. Way to go....NATIONAL CHAMPIONS !!!

Michele (Egg Harbor Township): Congratulations guys!! You played an awesome game and had an amazing season. You made Nova proud.

Mark '80 Manassas VA): Way to go Wildcats! Another reason to be proud of being a Villanovan.

Olivia '00 (Princeton, NJ): Congratulations, Wildcat Football! That is fantastic! Enjoy your success!

Abby (Philadelphia): YEA 'NOVA!!! Awesome game! Congratulations! :-) :-) :-)

Chayse ( Philly): Amazing !!! Ive been a Villanova fan since I was 6, And im still jumping up and down !! AHH ! NOVA NATION !!!!

Will (Richmond, VA): participants in 6 of last 7 national championship games, 4 of last 7 national champions, back to back national champions...CAA football-best in the FCS. Congrats to Nova

tom (toms river): couldn't be prouder of you guys - thanx for a great season and the national championship!

Steve '74 New Milford, CT: Congratulations Coach Talley and the entire Nova Football team on the most exiciting seasno ever. Well done.

Phil (Villanova): Coach, Thanks for an incredible season! What a ride from 1984 to today. Savor the day and this great accomplishment for you and your team. Congratulations!!!

Jose Ramirez (Bangor, Me): Congratulations! Thank you for bringing the national championship home. I am especially happy for coach Ferrante, best coach I ever played for.

Hayden, Phoenixville - PA: Great game Mikey and Brandyn. Awesome plays Matt Szczur! Way to go Coach Ferrante!

Lex Murphy, '74 (Virginia Beach): Way to go Cats! It's been a long journey since the dark days of the 70s. Congratulations!

Arthur Vecchiotti, Briarcliff Manor, NY: I am an alum from 1964 and just felt so proud last night. Way to go Villanova, you earned it. Congratulations!

Bill P '71 (Kernersville, NC): Great job NOVA !!! And for you Matt, a Football Championship and a life saving bone marrow transplant. Now that's a real champion.

Jai (Manchester, NH): Great season guys -- so proud of everyone! Congrats to Coach Talley - the championship was well deserved and way overdue!! :D

Dick (Vienna, VA): Fantastic game! Congrats to a great team!!

Greg (Albuquerque): Congrats. I was so excited last night. What a great Christmas present! SZCZUR'S PALACE!

Peter (West Newbury, MA): Simply the most exciting brand of football I have witnessed at any level, at any time. All hail Nova Nation!


Matt Russo '97 (Bethpage, NY): Go Cats! Great season guys - you've made us proud!

Jen (Brigantine, NJ): Congrats Wildcats!!! And Congrats Coach T - great season!!

Art Ritter '73 (Richmond, VA): Congratulations to Coach Talley, his staff, and the fine young men playing Villanova football so extraordinarily well this year. National Champions! No one playing or watching will ever forget. I wish my step-dad, who died a year ago, could have seen this. He loved Villanova (and Penn) football, and we went to many a game together over the years. Wear your rings with pride, Team! Go Wildcats!

olivia pa: WE ARE NOVA NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEAH

olivia ct: great win!!!!!!

olivia pa: great job coach mark!!!!!!!!!

John O'Donnell (Lancaster, PA): Great game by an outstanding group of young men. Szczur, Whitney, and all their teammates played with great intensity and pride. Congratulations to Andy Talley who has lead a first class program for 25 years. You have earned this championship! Well-deserved!

Philadelphia: Nice job getting it done! Go Nova

John O'Donnell (Lancaster, PA): Great game by an outstanding group of young men. Szczur, Whitney, and all their teammates played with great intensity and pride. Congratulations to Andy Talley who has lead a first class program for 25 years. You have earned this championship! Well-deserved!

dennis k west chester pa: Coach andy talley is a genius whho has guts and wisdom and a great team to match

Jim, (Key Largo FL): CONGRATS! Your team made me a Nova fan and your victory last night was awesome...Kudos to Coach Talley.

Carlos (San Juan, Puerto Rico): Congratulations on a great year ! Go Cat's.

GE (Langhorne, PA): Really happy for Coach T; he's been toiling in the shadows of the B-Ball program for too long. He deserves this.

Kevin F (Conshy): 2009 National Champions! Congrats to Coach Talley and the entire team on a most memorable and historic season. Best early Christmas present this diehard Nova fan could ever ask for....congrats and enjoy!

Bill '64 Phoenixville, PA: As a season ticket holders for many years, it such a joy to see all the hardwork yield our champions. Now, phase two is to repeat, repeat and repeat..your next Jay Wright

Marty (Medford, NJ): Congrats to Coach Talley, and the team. A nicer coach couldn't have won. Go Cats!!!!

Torsten Denke (wildwood, nj): Congrats Nova!! I work with Matt's father at Morey's Piers and I know he is one proud papa right now!!

Tom (Hawthorne, NJ) '99: Awesome job. Great day to be a Wildcat!

Kathleen '86 (Lake Mary, FL): Congratulations to Andy Talley, staff and talented athletes. One of the best games I have ever seen. I am so proud to be a Wildcat!!

Joe '69 (Los Angeles): Great gamee, great team!

John (New Brunswick, NJ): All Rutgers Football fans congratulate the Villanova National Champions and look forward to your membership in the Big East football conference.

Jose Imperial (Burtonsville, Md): Wonderful effort - congratulations - now enjoy the Holidays!

Alicia (NJ): Awesome game you guys!!! Congrats! You earned it!

Guy (Mantua, NJ): 25 year season ticket holder. many cold days sitting on metal bleachers!!! all worth it. A team with talent, class and dignity! Great job!

The Bells, '78 & '08: Congrats to the entire team and Coach Talley. Go Cats!

Kozzie '71 - Frederick, Md: Go Cats Go! Congratualtions on a great win!!!

Lafayette Hill PA: Never a Doubt! Was fun to watch! Grim Jim ('68) Sing ON!

Michael York,Pa: NOVA football is back!!! One championship down, one more to get in Indy!! NOVA NATION

Brenda, Pheonixville,Pa: Congratulations Nova football!! Let's repeat for another one next year! Now lets bring the NCAA basketball championship back to Nova too!!!

Sleepy Hollow: Great Game and Amazing Season!! Congrats Coach Talley and Wildcat players!

bill thomas "62 Gig Harbor Wa.: ccongratulations to the wildcats for their excellence in academics,community sevice and performance on the field.

Frank '73 New Hampshire: Thanks for an exciting, entertaining season. Congratulations to all for winning the championship!

Colleen '09: The football team has proved that hard work and determination really goes a long way. Congratulations to Coach Talley and the team. No program deserves the title more.

Deb, PA: Superb effort! Congratulations!

Elaine (Richmond, VA): Congratulations to a great team and coaching staff! GO CATS GO!!!

Croson '01 (Alexandria, VA): Congrats 'Nova football! One more year Matt, one more year!!!

Mary Ellen (Shrewsbury, MA) '94: Andy Talley finally deserves this championship! Way to go 'Nova! So proud to be a Wildcat! Now lets hope the basketball team can do the same!

Elena (Philadelphia): CONGRATS!!! Such a great game!

Mike Becher (Honolulu): What a great season, guys! Alums are very proud of you.

ramon usategui-'70-Miami: you guys are great student athletes, and a great team. You make us alums very proud

Ben (Roswell, GA): Congrats on your first National Title. It was an incredible game, and ALL of you are champions!

Jim Richardson, Harrisonburg, VA: Congratulations, Wildcats. A special congratulation to coach Talley who seems to be one of the "good guys" left in college football. Great job, coach.

John McCarthy (Weston, MA): What a game! What a team! What a coach! Congratulations to all the players, all the coaches, all the managers, and all the cheerleaders! Three Cheers for Villanova!!!!

Sean Willix (Concord, NC): Great Season 'Nova!!! Congrats on becoming National Champs!!

Brad 01: Great game guys! I'm proud to be a wildcat!

Lisa (Havertown): Congrats. Nice Christmas present for the Villanova community.

Lady (NJ): Congrats Wildcats! You guys had a great season and it's great to see that hard-work, dedication, and practice pays off. Can't wait to see what's in store for year. God bless and hope you all have a great winter break!!

Bob (Berwyn, PA): Enjoyed the whole season guys. Great effort by all and congratulations to a Villanova legend, Coach Talley.

Upland Ca.: No 1 in the country...never thought I see the day in my life time. Terrific We love you out West Joe '63 a Wild Cat for ever

Chad, Reading, PA: Way to go Coach Talley and the Cats! You have made all of Nova Nation proud. You guys never gave up and are #1 in the nation!


Rich (Collegeville, Pa): Congrats!!! truly an exciting game. It's been a fantastic season and am looking forward to next year. Go NOVA !!

Uncle Bill, Glen Mills PA: Thanks for an outstanding win for the National Football championship.

Chris A. '71(Hebron, CT): WOW!!! How cool was that!?! Great team - great win!

Rob (Stratford, CT Class of 2008: Congratulations NOVA on a fantastic win from a Class of '08 Alum. You did us all proud and represented yourselves in the best traditions of Villanova. Way to go Cats LETS GO NOVA!!!

Gretchen (Philadelphia): Congrats! The perfect end to a fantastic season!

Don and Suzy (Phoenixville): Way to go Coach Mark and the entire Nova coaching staff. Congratulations on your first national title. what an awesome accomplishment. Who could have asked for a better holiday present :)

Art(Flowery Branch,GA): Villanova Wildcats national Champions. I was there. Cold. Wet. Sad and finally Happy.GO CATS

Mindy (Bridgeton): Congrats on a fantastic season! YOU CAN'T STOP NOVA NATION!!!

mickey (norwalk CTY: Congrats just proves villanova is not just a basketball school nova nova nova

Charlie Cavanagh (East Meadow, New York: Congratulations to the team and coaches! We've come a long way since football returned in 1985 when I was a freshman. This is great!

Kathy (Somersworth,NH): Way to go Andy and Team! So thrilled for all of you! Great game to watch!

kanthi kiran Narayansetty (Minneapolis): Congratulations Wildcats..! I am proud of my School...!

Gordon (Boyertown, PA): Congratulations Nova! Now lets win the Basketball championship!

Rick '89 (Abington, PA): An early Christmas present...congrats to the team, coaches and everyone associated with the program.

Fred '87 & 93 (Blue Bell, PA): Congratulations to the Villanova Football Team on winning the 2009 NCAA National Title! You make all of us alumni proud! Go CATS !

Mike (Seattle): Congrats Cats! Way to Represent!

Pat and Naomi - '79 (Media, PA): Congratulations to Coach Talley, staff, and team. Alums are proud of you.

John '68 (Ellicott City Md): Congratulations. Sat in the rain for the RI game and saw 3 games on TV. Team looks like they are enjoying the game - enjoy the fame and then hit the books and get the great education Nova offers.

NovavoN, Nwk NJ: From the Bob Hope diner to NC, it's been one GREAT ride!! Thank You for your loyalty, determination, and vision Coach Talley & certainly all the excellent Nova student/athletes (past & present) that bought into that dream!!

John Paul '92 (Poughquag, NY): Congratulations on a great season!! Once we got revenge against New Hampshire I had a good feeling we could go all the way! Great Job.

Kevin (Brooklyn, NY): Congrats to you all! You have made all of us even more proud to be Villanovans!

Chet (Sea Girt, NJ): Thank you Cats!!! Great season!!!

Jim '82 (Exton, PA): 25 year season ticket holder. This is the most exciting team that I've witnessed. Thank you Coach Talley and the finest team in the nation. You did us proud.

Red Smith '59 Portland, OR: great, Great game.

Bryan '05 (NJ): A big congratulations to Coach Talley and the team. I hope this is just the beginning of what the program will achieve.

Neal '69 (New Rochelle NY): Brought a tear to my eye and a big smile to my face. Great season and made me proud to be a Wildcat!

Pete DePasquale (Moorestown, NJ): Congrats to Coach Talley and the entire Wildcat football squad and staff! You do us all proud!

patrick (reading): thats how u do it we were the underdog and we came out on top way to go wildcats

The Perry Family (Yardley, PA): Congrats Wildcats! Such an exciting game to watch... we are proud to be a part of Nova Nation!

Jonathan Fletcher: Great Game!! Definitely worth the trip down!! Congrats Coach Talley!!

Kevin '05 (Englishtown, NJ): Congrats to all the players, coaches, and staff on a great season and your first national championship. We are not just a basketball school anymore!

Joe - '74 , Lansdowne, PA: Congratulations ! Coach Talley, you have done an excellent job . God bless you all .

Steve '01 (Japan): Congrats on a great season!

Bob P. '88: Congratulations to the team and staff. You made it happen. Most of all congratulations to Coach Talley. You deserve it!

Ed (South Jersey): Congratulations to the team and coaching staff! What a great end to a great season! You make the school and alumni proud. Best of luck next year

Matt (Allentown): Congratulations Coach Talley and to the 2009 Villanova Wildcats!! I wish I could have seen you guys play this year but I'm waiting to be accepted to VU and hopefully I'll be a Wildcat myself come the fall of 2010. Way to make the Nova Nation proud :-)

Mike (New Canaan, CT): CONGRATULATIONS ! You guys rule. Thank you to Coach Talley for building such a winning program from scratch and more importantly representing the school in such a first class manner.

Brian Peach '04: Awesome game Wildcats. How sweet is it to beat a undefeated, #1 ranked, seemingly unstoppable team???!!! You weren't intimidated! Lets go Cattttzzz.

Bill(Drexel Hill PA): Now I can walk around with my Nova football aht on and actually "smile" at my Notre Dame and Penn State neighbors. Your the best!!!

Christopher '04: Great job guys

Tony Koller, '62: Congrats to Coach Andy Talley and his entire staff and to the team. This season will be rememberd in Nova lore forever.
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